7 Picture-Perfect Destinations In South Korea For Nature Lovers

If you are a person who digs nature and serene places, here are some places you need to visit while in South Korea.

South Korea is a region of breathtaking natural beauty, with its expansive flower fields, magical ponds, and rolling mountains. Spectacular views and striking landscapes abound around the peninsula, making it ideal for photographers and nature lovers.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a South Korean beautiful landscape in its own right and should not be missed by anybody interested in ecotourism. Go to the shore of Jungmun Daepo to see the stunning volcanic rock formation at Jusangjeolli Cliff.

Cherry Blossoms in Changwon

The entire city turns pink for 10 days between the conclusion of March and the beginning of April, providing stunning settings for classic spring photographs. Gyeonghwa Station is a train station in South Korea that is now closed, but where you may see rows upon rows of blooming cherry trees and be greeted by a shower of pink petals.

Rapeseed Flower Farms of Cheongsando

Cheongsando is an archipelago off the south shore of the Korean Peninsula where time moves at a more leisurely pace and the scenery is consistently green throughout the year.

Sinheungsa Temple

Upon that Seokcho side of the national park, along the hills, is the Sinheungsa Temple, which deserves a visit. The temple is the spiritual center of the Jogye Order on Korean Buddhism and is home to a massive bronze statue of the Buddha.

Green Tea Plantations in Boseong

Boseong County is home to South Korea’s biggest tea plantation, producing 40% of the country’s green tea. The county’s green tea fields stretch beyond what the eye can see. Tea connoisseurs should plan their trips to this verdant region between May and August, so when tea plants are in full bloom.

Jirisan National Park

Jirisan National Park came into being in 1967, making it the oldest national park in South Korea. It stretches across a massive 119.350 acres and has undulating mountains and valleys studded with temples. The park is indeed picture-perfect at any period of the year, but fall is when it truly shines. Seasonal day trips to view autumn leaves are offered in this region.

Juwangsan National Park

Juwangsan National Park indeed seems to be much smaller than Seoraksan and Jirisan, yet that doesn’t mean it lacks in terms of amazing scenery. The sheer cliffs and secret waterfalls of Juwangsan Mountain and the mystical willow-lined Jusanji Pond are the area’s most striking natural features.


Indrani Karmakar from Siliguri is a writer and artist. After graduating in Political science, she broadened her horizons and dived into the world of creativity. She loves adding humour and innovation to everything in and around her. When she is not working, you will find her collecting oddly shaped pebbles, doodling, crafting, and if you are really lucky- you can even catch her humming!
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