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7 Popular Brands That Aced April Fools' Day With Creative Advertisements

Here in this article are some examples of how some popular brands kept the pranks going in honor of April Fool’s day. Read on!

Although the origins of April fool’s day are clouded in mystery, April 1 has always been recognized as a day to reveal the prankster in you. Companies and news outlets have been taking advantage of this day to play pranks on their audiences and tell some tall tales. Several companies, in keeping with tradition, released advertisements, made deceptive social media postings, and pulled other pranks that made their fans laugh out loud. Here are some of the companies and how they made us laugh till our tummy hurt!


BMW as a company is famous for its prank ads for April 1st. An electric car charging paint called "Lunar Paint" was announced in the year 2019. According to the firm, "Lunar Paint employs breakthrough photovoltaic technology to quietly recharge your battery in hours of darkness." And, many people bought the idea! Imagine going to the showroom looking for lunar paint!

Amazon Prime Video India

Amazon Prime's strategy for April 1st was not to trick their subscribers but to assist them in fooling their friends. The company then shared a list of useful tools that may be used to deceive customers who didn’t yet subscribe to Amazon Prime. Hats off to Amazon Prime!


Tinder also had a really successful prank this year. The app declared the release of a height verification feature to restore "truthfulness" to online dating. Users would have to upload a photo picture themselves next to a business building and provide their "actual, correct height" for this function to work. The app's algorithm will instead check their claimed height against their actual height. Imagine falling for that!


Flipkart surprised its customers by announcing that it will begin accepting Bitcoins as payment! Almost immediately after the announcement, a tweet with the hashtag "April Fools' Day" and the hashtag "Bitcoin Supercoin" was posted. This was what real turmoil would look like!


Starting with Holi, Keventers began a week-long April Fool's promotion designed to trick its customers. The firm announced the limited edition "Bhang Flavoured Milkshake" on the night of the Holi long weekend, only to disclose on April 1st that it was all an elaborate April 1st joke based on a product that doesn't actually exist! Imagine drinking the same ol’ milkshake but thinking it will get your head reeling!


Unacademy employed the tried-and-true technique of posting false rotation posts to their Instagram account to get their followers to like an imaginary picture reel. Cleverly, it included the caption "No one can mislead our Learners!" Smart move, Unacademy!


Remember when H&M collaborated with Mark Zuckerberg to sell his unique fashion? While people were really excited about the collection, it was plain T-shirts and jeans. Well, could you blame them? When has anyone seen him in anything else! It was fun to see people hit the realization on April 1!