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7 Reasons Why Maintaining a Journal Is a Good Idea

7 steadfast reasons why filling in your handwritten journal is beneficial to your mental health.

As a child, we cherish making a Dear Diary notebook and fill it religiously with everything that we do in a day. As we grow up, we shy penning everything down, losing the habit of maintaining a journal. Here are 10 points on how reviving your journalism is bound to be beneficial to you.

  1. Remember important decisions-

We all have been on a debate with ourselves where we remember the conclusion, but we often miss out on the facts that led to it. Maintaining a record of your day provides a summary of all vital decisions and events which strike your memory. That gives you a clear picture of every incident worth memorizing.

  1. Emergency Situations-

Today’s era has gotten us immensely dependent on digital data, and everything that occurred in the past is just one click away. However, keeping a diary is going to spare you the trouble if you ever needed a piece of detailed information about your past whereabouts in the future.

  1. Improving handwriting-

Remember the days when we wrote pages one after another to develop our calligraphy? Well, you can relive that with your own journal. Even if your work makes you type all day on the keyboard, you can give your fingertips some practice by improving your handwriting secretly.

  1. Remembering people-

With age and time, you must have realized you tend to forget names. They might have been very dear to you at a particular point, but if you are not in contact, they seem to be oblivious. Your brain recycles old memory space for new ones. Hence penning your interactions with people will bring back recollections when you have time to read. Or show it to your children!

  1. See your growth-

As a person, you develop every single day, both intellectually and physically. The way you reacted to a particular incident a year back will be different from how you tackle it right now. You will be pleased to see yourself grow into a better person every day.

  1. Reflecting yourself-

In times of distress, we begin to question everything we believe in. If you have a detailed journal, you will have room to bring yourself back to what you were. By reminding yourself who you are, you can step on bettering yourself in the future.

  1. Explore your thoughts-

Ideas come to us throughout the day, and we often fail to retain them later. If you are in the habit of maintaining an organized journal, you can utilize them later and reflect on them to create a masterpiece game-changer in the future.

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