7 Rules British Royal Children Need To Follow

The lives of Royals are not always a bed of roses. Here are some bizarre rules they need to follow.

Being a part of the British Royal family includes plenty of pomp and formality, which is not just for the adults. As junior royals George, Charlotte, and Louis are in the spotlight, each has to deal with their individual guidelines. From dressing choices to attending events, these are some rules royal children have to follow.

The Birth Of The Baby Must Be Announced In Public

Royal children must follow protocols even before birth! As per tradition, following the arrival of a brand new royal child, a sign indicating the gender and date of the birth is placed in front of Buckingham Palace gates announcing the birth news.

They Must Be Baptized

Queen Elizabeth II and all her family members are required to be baptized. The ceremony is conducted by Archbishop Canterbury and includes Holy Water from the Jordan River. Even Meghan Markle was anointed before her wedding in 2018.

They Are Required To Wear TheHoniton Dress For Christening

The Honiton Christening gown was ordered by Queen Victoria. It has been worn by all members of the family royal since. The most recent of the clan to wear the dress was Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. However, he was wearing an imitation, as the original gown was too fragile to be worn anymore.

They Have To Curtsy To The Queen

The Royal protocol says that women who are part of the royal family must curtsy on the first occasion they meet Princess Diana on any particular day. The inspiration comes from Princess Charlotte’s cute display on Christmas morning this year. It appears that there’s no age limit on this formality.

They Can Call The Queen Granny

Be assured that she won’t let her great-grandchildren refer to her as Your Royal Highness. They’re just Granny or Gan-Gan. Prince William was known to call the queen Gary.

They Should Have A Valid Passport

Although it’s not common for newborns to travel internationally, royal babies are just more unique and must be prepared to travel internationally in the event of a need. When the baby is born, they are given a passport.

They Must Obtain A Driver’s License

Queen is the sole person living in the United Kingdom who can drive a car without having a driver’s license. So even George must pass an exam before driving.


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