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7 Superstitions That We Follow Globally Till Date

Superstitious beliefs that are accepted all around the world and are assumed to bring good luck or be bad omen!

Would you believe if I told you, in a progressive year like 2020, superstitions are still prevalent all around the world? Be it- shrieking when your interview fell on Friday the 13th, a black kitten crossing your path, or touching wood to stop a jinx. It’s all a part of our everyday life. Knowing about these will bewilder you about the belief system of people around the world.

  1. Touch Wood-

You will be happy to know, you have been carrying on a belief system that had originated in medieval times! The people of those times believed that touching wood would connect them to divinity and hence bring good luck. Next time you do ‘touchwood’, you will probably laugh at yourself!

  1. Friday The 13th-

No matter how modern we are, we will feel the twitch when our D day falls on Friday the 13th. The number 13 is avoided worldwide, even in hotels, houses and airlines! Despite the religious origin, we have accepted this superstition globally.

  1. Itchy Palms-

This has complete opposite reaction round the world. While some people believe itchy left palm can result in money flowing out, itching right palm is believed to bring in fortune! Next time your hand itches, pray it’s the right one!

  1. Finding A Horseshoe-

In many cultures, even today, it is believed that finding a horseshoe with the open end pointing towards you brings good luck. Even though it’s rare to find a horse on roads these days, if your luck shines and you discover one, pick it up with your right hand, wish on it, and throw it over your left shoulder. Some people also put horseshoe at the entrance of their house to keep it safe from evil eyes.

  1. Opening An Umbrella Inside-

A rare belief, opening an umbrella while you are still under a roof, brings bad luck. But come to think about it, it could poke someone in the eye or break something valuable. Hence we do not trust it is a ghastly omen, but it is definitely not a practical one!

  1. The Evil Eye-

The evil eye is feared worldwide, and every time you get a raise, or something useful, if a person gets jealous of it, the evil eye can take everything away from you. Charms are made to keep the eye away from your luck and keep bringing you fortune.

  1. Breaking Of The Mirror-

Cracking of a mirror is believed to bring bad luck for seven years. Some people think mirrors take a part of your soul within and breaking of the mirror can crush a part of your soul!

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