7 surprising facts about Netflix’s popular series Riverdale

Trying to figure out things that looked suspicious during the entire series? Based on the classic Archie comics, the series named Riverdale has shown a twist on the charcters.

Jughead only used one beanie in the entire show: The beanie of Jughed Jones is extremely important to the character in Riverdale similar to iconic clowns in the comics. Every single day Cole Sprouse used to wear the same beanie as he has only one which probably smells as well like Mane and Tail.

Interesting facts of Pop’s diner: It is not only present in reel life but people also have been there in real life. The entire cast and crew have actually been there and tried to eat as they thought the set was real. While the Reddit AMA Cole Sprouse said that their onset location is near an industrial thoroughfare so they decided to get a quick bite to eat at pop’s diner. It is actually a real restaurant.

Pitched as a time traveling movie: One pitch from someone was that Archie has been observed as a time-traveler wherein the redhead protagonist was played by Louis CK. People said that they were trying to figure out a way to do a higher-concept Archie movie.

KJ APA (Archie Andrews) broke his hand in the season 1 finale: In the season 1 finale of Riverdale, Archie Andrews saved Cheryl Blossom who was drowning in a frozen lake but in real life Archie Andrews got a little too far with the method acting. KJ APA smashes through thick ice in that particular scene with his bare hand but was also not actually punching real ice, Archie needed to do some real damage.

Every episode of Riverdale is based on a movie: Some of the die-hard fans of Riverdale may not realize the significance of every detailed episode as all of them are variations of names. However, it is not just for aesthetic purposes, as they literally give a glimpse of their next episode to every fan.

Cole Sprouse fought for the fact of asexual: Jughead has a love interest as many fans of Archie Comics have confessed about Cole Sprouse and its interests. But in the recent comic book version it has shown that Jughead is actually asexual.

Vanessa Morgan got death threats: The character of Toni Topaz got death threats during the show. She had to deal with fan anger because of the kissing scene with Jughead.

Trying to figure out about the “Black Hood” murderer is always been an addiction for fans since so many years. Some of the surprising facts have been discovered during this entire journey of Riverdale and their casts.

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