7 Things That Amazes Us About Crystals

Everything you should know about the gorgeous precious stones and how they impact our vitality and wellbeing.

The fascinating gemstones with their properties are desired all around the world. People have been wearing them as jewellery since ages, and some have been discovered to have healing powers that bring prosperity and peace to you. be it for astrological beliefs or ornaments, humans have embraced the gorgeous crystals and with time have discovered the qualities of each crystal and how it is beneficial to humans. Here are some of the popular gemstones and why you should keep on the lookout for the crystal that suits your personality.

  1. The Egyptian Favorite-

The green gemstone was considered sacred to the Egyptians and was believed to bring luck and prosperity to the civilians during the bygone era. Peridot and emeralds, both green crystals were adorned by the people, and even though almost similar, Queen Cleopatra had her eyes set for peridot.

  1. The Garnet- Pomegranate Look Alike!

Garnets are like the crystal forms of pomegranates. Folklore has it that pomegranates represent life, death and rebirth, and so does the gem! The little red seeds are difficult to differentiate once you have a stone and the seed in your hand.

  1. Diamond In The Raft-

The promising stone, forever diamond is also the sturdiest gemstone. A women’s best friend, the fantastic feature that only a diamond can cut a diamond. The perfection of a cut diamond makes us yearn for it even more.

  1. Amber-The Lightest!

Considered as the softest and the lightest in the gem family, amber is so fragile that it literally floats in saltwater. Made from sap and resin of prehistoric fossil trees the Baltic amber is considered the strongest of all.

  1. The Natural Stripes-

The gorgeous agate has natural stripes of colours, making it unique and stand out. The accumulation of chalcedony causes various colours that make the gem look like a piece of beautiful quartz jewellery.

  1. The Largest Diamond-

Beating the Cullinan diamond by size, the Sergio diamond is the largest diamond to be found. The black carbonado diamond discovered in Brazil in 1893 is a 3167-carat rare black diamond that is something everyone wishes to own.

  1. The Asian Star-

The star sapphire is what the star of Asia looks like. Residing in the National Museum of National History, Burma’s 330-carat gemstone has an explicit nature and is rich in colour. It was presented by Maharaja of Jodhpur to the American Museum in 1960.

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