Published By: Rinks

7 Things You Buy That Usually Ends Up Collecting Dust

Are you a person who always ends up buying everything you see on a shelf? Here are a few things you think you will need but end up collecting dust in your home.

Is there anything you've ever seen on display that made you want to yell, "Just give it to me and take my money!"? You know, it happens to the best of us. That's why people have a limitless supply of useless office supplies, toys, and gadgets they keep telling themselves they'll use someday. If you had known the things you now have wouldn't have been as helpful, you wouldn't have spent so much money on them. In this article, you'll learn about each one.

Handmade Soap

The truth is that simple soap bars are way easier to use. Using a regular bar of soap or liquid soap is much more convenient. Soap bars are always the most convenient and affordable alternative, even if you're determined on a specific fragrance or list of ingredients.


Cosmetic products in the store get a lot of buzz, and we think it's just what your skin needs. However, it's far from the truth. The trick is to buy only what you will absolutely need.

Kitchen Gadgets

Multipurpose cooking machines that can make eggs, waffles, yogurt, etc., may appear ideal, yet they have significant flaws. We've all made the costly error of buying one of these gadgets and promptly putting it in storage. Consider whether or not you need every one of these gadgets before buying them.

Parchment Wraps

The current eco-friendly product fads need periodic purchasing of novelty items like hardwood cutlery and bamboo brushes. Some of these items, however, have yet to practical use. Wax paper is an excellent case in point. Paper covered with beeswax is an eco-friendly alternative to cling film and foil for storing food. But instead of using paper bags, plastic containers, or ecologically unfriendly metal containers to keep your food, why not just do that? Use these instead of buying the waxed paper every time you need to save money, time, and effort.


These bags have several uses, including transporting homemade lunches to the office without using disposable plastic containers. Still, resealable bags may be used for many more domestic applications. For example, when just used for freezing food or storing cheese, bread, or vegetables, standard plastic bags, which can be tossed after use, are considered cost-effective.

Infant Shoes

Despite being so cute and tiny, infants don't need shoes during the first year. If you're concerned about your baby's foot health, you should let them go barefoot when they're learning to crawl and taking their first steps. Babies don't need shoes until they start walking; even then, they'd be better off in non-slip footwear like baby slippers. Furthermore, even the most modestly priced designer shoes for infants are quickly outgrown.