Published By: Rinks

7 Trendy Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Want to spice up your red hair? Here are some trending shades to go for!

It's your hair and your choice, so if you like something, just do it! Does fitting this description require you to have this hair color? Thanks to recent developments in fashion technology, you may create any hue by combining different colors. Accordingly, if you want to wear this hue, you have many possibilities to choose from. Here are some red shades to try on your hair. 


Strawberry white hair with accents in an ombre appearance is a variant you cannot possibly go wrong with. This combo will not only give your hair more dimension but also give your look a gorgeous attractiveness! On more extraordinary hair lengths, a darker color at the roots that transitions into a lighter shade of the same color works wonderfully!

Sweet Strawberry Blonde Caramel

Try this option if you want to seem blonder but don't want to rid of your dark undertone. You may highlight the length of your hair in a gentle strawberry blonde hue with this refined version while giving your hair a softer caramel undertone! The finest of both worlds, right there!

Strawberry Blonde Rose Gold

Go for a white gold strawberry platinum blonde for a dreamlike elegance, beautiful gloss, and sparkle! This shade will give your hair a golden tint and a little sheen that looks fantastic on tanner complexion tones. In addition, this shade gives your hair a more alluring appeal by adding a little tinge of red that subtly radiates through the striking rose gold.

Strawberry Blonde Highlight

This hue's subtle highlights will quickly improve your appearance if you want to step up your style! If you wish to wear your hair straight, curly, or unkempt, this hue will look as stylish in each manner. The majority of skin tones look beautiful with this lovely color, which is both muted and stylish.

Strawberry Blonde

Make your hair appear mesmerizingly kaleidoscopic by choosing a multi-hued highlighting in this color. Choose the darker and lighter hues in this color scheme to give yourself a distinctive appearance! When you have tresses, keep the lights modest and choose complementary color hues to highlight so instead of opposing ones because this effect will appear best on curly and wavy hair. 

Gentle Ombre

Get a gentle ombre for a more natural and understated appearance if you want a mellower look and don't care for distinct red hue. For the roots, you can choose a softer brown foundation color like chocolate brown or another comparable shade from the palette, and for the ends, you can select lighter strawberry blonde tones. Your hair will appear to have more depth if you use this hue.

Blonde Ombre Babylights 

The blonde ombre babylights will be ideal for you if you want a hair color option that won't stand out immediately but instead creates a delicate, mellow impression. Your natural color will receive just the appropriate amount of oomph plus brightness. This works well with hair that naturally leans more toward a reddish color, and adding small streaks will give your hair more dimension.