7 Under Rated Leg Exercise That Helps You Tone Down Easily

Looking for ways to tone your legs? Here it is!

One part of the body that deserves to be unburdened of the excess weight is your legs. Not just because it looks impressive to have toned legs, but also it deserves some strength to carry you around and help you do the other exercises. Strengthening and training the muscles of your lower body makes it easier to perform daily activities and cuts down the risk of injuries. It will also increase the range of motion and help you with a great posture.


One of the best exercises to sculpt your but abs and hips is squat. It not only helps you tone your muscles but also relieves you of your back problems. First, make sure you from doing freehand squats and then gradually add weights to your exercise. Beginners start with a wall or sturdy chair support, and then you can do it with simple weights on your hand.


Just so you know, it looks way more complicated than it is. It is the repetitive lunges that will help you tone your thighs and hip muscles. Make sure you take it slow and let the muscles take the strain gradually and not all at once.

Plank Leg Lifts-

Doing planks sure makes the time stop! But there could be nothing better than planks for a toned core and hip muscles. Once you can maintain a perfect plant pose for 60 seconds, try lifting your legs while holding the posture.

Single Leg Deadlifts-

You may need to start off by balancing your weight in a wall or chair and gradually do it freehand after gaining practice. The single-leg deadlift sculpts your butt, upper leg and hips into perfection.

Stability Ball Knee Tucks-

Doing knee tuck on a stability ball will tone legs faster. This works directly on your shin, calves and abs. Make sure the stability ball is properly inflated to keep you in position for long.


Step-ups are the best exercises for beginners. It needs a raised sturdy box where you place your leg once at a time and practice squats. It tones your calf muscles and keeps your muscles toned.

Box Jump-

This exercise needs more agility than usual and should be done after reaching a certain level of fitness. Make sure you aim at the centre of the box when you make the landing on the box.

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