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7 Unusual Things Bosses Do That People Love

When a person enters working life, one of the factors that fill them with uncertainty and anxiety was how would the boss be. A boss is that person who develops the personalities of his or her employees, to make them not only good employees, but also, each of them, good people. Here is a list of these 7 very unique things that a good boss should do which would make his juniors love him.

Many difficult situations can be overcome by humour. If a boss resorts to humour towards his or her juniors, it helps to break the initial ice. It provides relief from stress and gives them confidence to meet any adverse situation.

A true leader always devotes time for his junior colleagues, so that they can mature and be better at their jobs. When his protégé achieves something, the boss feels as if it is his own achievement. He is never afraid that his junior may prove himself better than him. He or she, who trains others to be leaders, is a true leader himself or herself.

A good boss can feel the minds of his or her juniors and knows exactly when to coax them and when to back off. Even a good employee sometimes needs to be left alone. He does not always know his strength or weakness; when he feels self-sufficient, in actuality, he might need some cajoling and sometimes to be left alone. It lies with the individual bosses who’d read the situation rightly and act accordingly. A good boss should be interested not only in the performance of his or her juniors, but in their lives as well. When a boss shows his juniors that he likes them personally, they also like him in reciprocity. A good leader is he, who is genuine in all circumstances and shows others how to do a job properly. They lead others by setting examples themselves. A good boss is he or she, who listens more and talks less. A talkative boss is not always taken seriously, as most of his or her speech does not mean anything. But a good boss will give his juniors ample opportunity to express their opinion freely, and when he or she will talk, it will be full of meaning and valued by his juniors. A good boss must conduct a meeting, which is precise and meaningful, so that it is not dreaded but joined spontaneously.

These are some of the qualities a good boss should possess, so that he is loved and valued by his or her colleagues.

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