7 unusual things to do in London

Here are the best quirky and unusual things to do in town next

London undoubtedly has a rich history and a buzzing cultural life. Hence, it has dozens of unique things to do, you just need to pay a visit to the right places. So from exploring ancient temples to swimming in unexplored places, try these unusual things in London when you visit next:

Sir John Soane’s Museum has a lavish collection of classical paintings, sculptures and relics, but they are packed inside a large terrace house. Since the place was one home to neo-classical architect Sir John, it is named after him and the house was turned into a museum upon his death in 1837.

If you are visiting East London, take a walk along The Line, which is a trail that stretches across the Thames. It starts from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford to The O2 Arena in Greenwich. It will take about three hours and roughly follows the Meridian Line.

In London, The Attendant is home to a number of cafes, but the Fitzrovia stands out as in the Victorian times, the space was a public toilet. Currently, the old urinals are a main focal point of the interior and the wrought-iron entrance with its authenticity will keep you hooked while you sip that cup of coffee.

Before 1854, cholera caused mass fatalities in London because people believed the disease was transmitted through the air. However, local doctor John Snow traced the outbreak to a water pump in Soho and it helped to cure cholera. So if you visit Soho, make sure to visit the John Snow pub nearby and raise a toast to the good doctor.

As we all know the Brits love their tea. So when you go there next, visit the TwiningsCafé on the Strand, which is a 300-year-old tea shop. It opened in 1706 and they were one of the first merchants to bring tea to the UK.

London is almost 2,000 years old and was a town before the Romans descended on Britain. As expected, they brought their mystical beliefs with them. So a temple for one of their gods, Mithras, was discovered in 1954. It has now been restored and it is worth a visit.

While you might be afraid of falling in the murky waters, kayaking on the Thames is a fun way to enjoy the iconic London river.

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