7 Values to Live By in Thailand

These values should be incorporated by everyone into his or her life

Thai culture is very high in positive principles and these can be imbibed by all of us at some point in our lives. Read on.

Family first

Just like India, Thailand also places great emphasis on the role of the family. Large families live close together, raise children together, handle finances, and do everyday chores. It’s not uncommon to have grandparents around and this sort of communal living promotes a sense of fulfillment and bonding. There are always plenty of people around Thais to help them out.

Sufficient is enough

While each one of us are becoming more and more consumer driven, Thai people are happy with their basic needs and they also aim at helping people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The late Thai King was the one to introduce the Philosophy of Sustainable Economy in order to promote quality of life for Thai people.

Keep your cool in public

Thais do not prefer to show extreme emotions in public as this is often frowned upon in Thailand. Known for their self-control and seemingly calm nature, Thais do not show anger in public and are likely to be non confrontational. One can always hear a Thai person saying jai yen yen (“cool your heart”).

Wear your smile always

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles and a welcoming face is considered more beneficial than a slow and dull approach towards life.

Inject some fun

Thais are known to laugh and enjoy life, and there’s always a sense of sanook (“fun”) that they tend to follow. They do not care too much about anything and rather prefer to enjoy life’s small pleasures at any opportunity they can. Be it fun and games in the classroom, partying after work, having fun and frolic is an important part of Thai life.

Respect yourself and others

Thai people often show respect to everyone in every chance they get, from ducking when passing between two people, to language and standards of dress. Hence, Thailand as a society is more tolerant, understanding, civil, and peaceful. One needs to show gratitude and give utmost respect to parents, teachers, etc.

Generosity and hospitality

Known for being especially welcoming, and hospitable, Thai people connect it with gaining merit and more positive karma. They prefer going out of their way to assist tourists with language barriers and one can observe a lot of generosity in Thailand. Of course, Thailand is not without its scams, but in general, Thai society is easier than most countries.

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