7 Veggies That Grow Better In Potted Soil

Want a little veggie garden in your confined verandah? Here is how to go about it.

Growing a veggie garden of your own is a dream for many. Imagine sliding the door to ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, brinjals! Brings the farm feeling life, doesn’t it! But, growing food is not complicated, and if the tiny space of your verandah demotivates you, don’t pay heed! Here is how to get your own vegetable garden started in simple pots!


Beetroot is ideal for growing in confined spaces. All you need is a depth of 12 inches to grow beets freely. You can also grow plants side by side, and they grow perfectly together.


You will find two kinds of varieties of beans in the market. Derby and provider. Check the root depth and make sure you choose the pot accordingly. If you want long vines, you can add trellis to the pot to help them grow effectively.


Who wouldn’t like some juicy carrots grown by yourself! There are many varieties to choose from. You can water the pot regularly and keep the plant healthy. The deeper the pots are, the longer your plant will grow.

Cole Crops-

Cole crops include cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. They are container friendly, and you can grow plenty in a pot. Make sure you grow one for each deeply rooted pot. Keep the soil well-drained and fertilized.


If you like growing cucumbers, go for gherkin varieties. The plant gets out of the container and spills all around. Make sure you tie the edges and add long sticks to help them grow tall and juicy. Once they attain full size and a tiny sunspot, it is ready to be washed and chopped into the fresh salad!


Any plant that has a depth of 5 inches works perfectly for growing eggplant. Use the stake carefully to hold them perfectly in the pot. Once the eggplant grows, you will have to give it some support, and voila! You have a lovely veggie for dinner.

Lettuce And Other Greens-

Lettuce is by far the best option to go for in contained veggies. The size of pots do not matter, and it gives you lush green reaps really quickly. All you need is some fertile soil and moistened seeds to make some homegrown salads for your table.

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