7 Ways To Fix A Wardrobe Malfunction

How often do we rush to a restroom when there is the slightest malfunction in what we wear? If the answer is all the time, you have to see these fantastic tricks to have the day!

Having a little trouble with what you are wearing is not uncommon. Spilling food on your dress, having your zipper jammed and fixing broken jewellery is something we do every day. Here are some of the useful tricks that will help you save the day.

Use A Pencil To Fix A Zipper-

We have all been there! An embarrassing situation when your zipper just won’t go up. The best idea would be to rub wax on it, but who carries crayons whole going out right! On office days, you might be lucky to find a lead pencil nearby. Rub the lead on the zipper, and you will see it will glide back to its place again.

Attach A Button With A Paper Clip-

Imagine having a full meal, and your button can take your inflated belly anymore, and it tears off! Well, not to worry, look for a decent paperclip or safety pin. Attach the end of your zipper to the buttonhole and hide it with your top. You are as good as new!

Fix A Glove With A Magnet-

Having the perfect size of gloves can be difficult, especially when you have tiny fingers. Instead of letting them stay frayed, place a marble in each fingertip. The weight will keep the glove erect while giving it a fingertip look.

Use A Magnet For A Brooch-

Why plunge holes in your new dress to put on a brooch. Fix a good magnet under your clothing and place the pin over it. No one will ever know, and you save your dress!

Clean Suede With Eraser-

Eraser helps more than just lead marks. Gently rub a clean eraser over your shoes and dress to clean off the suede and fluff up the fibres.

Hide Stains With Correction Fluid-

You will be surprised to know how handy correction fluid is. Be it cleaning the spilt curry on your collar or cleaning off a pen mark on your handcuff. A little dab of the liquid is enough to save your white uniform from permanent colouring massacre.

Wind Your Broken Necklace With A Candy Tin-

Candy tins can be convenient if you know how to use them. If any of your jewellery snaps, you can put it together with the firm foil. It will hold it till you can repair it.

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