7 yellow flags to watch out for when you are dating

They can be dealbreakers; or not.

While red flags are a big no-no while dating, yellow flags tend to be more ambiguous and can go either way. For example: If the person you are dating is friends with their ex, it’s a yellow flag. It could mean they have lingering feelings for their ex, or they are mature enough to get past a breakup and be amicable to each other.

In a world of dating, the lines are often blurred. But before you judge too harshly for a sign, be cautious about the person, but don’t disengage too quick. Here’s is a list of not so obvious behaviors that can be considered yellow flags.

Being friends with their ex

Depending on how amicable they are with their ex, this could be a red or a yellow flag. Being friends with ex generally means they are still sort of in love with them. Or it could mean they have gotten their closure and thanks to their emotional maturity, they can maintain amicable relations with an ex.

Never had a long-term relationship

It could mean they aren’t a great partner which is why the relationships failed. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t plan to be in a long-term relationship with you. There are chances they are ready for one now, meaning they have matured.

They make all the plans

If your partner makes all the date plans and doesn’t really involve you, it could mean they don’t care about your opinion. But it could be a yellow flag. Perhaps they want to take charge and plan everything so you don’t have to waste time on it. It good to understand which one is it.

Looking for mother’s approval for everything

Like a grown person should be comfortable with their own decisions, right? It’s okay to ask your mother or family members for opinion but making them call the shots is a sign of skepticism and immaturity.

Never talking about their family

Before you turn it into a red sign, hear us out. They could not talk about family for two reasons: they are ashamed/do not like their family too much, or they are not serious enough with you to talk about them. This is a yellow flag and until you ask about it, you won’t know.

Hard time telling you about their feelings

Talking about feelings is a sign of emotional maturity and communication. If they don’t talk about their feeling for you too much it could mean they are emotionally available or they are taking things slow before being vulnerable with it.


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