8 Best Mobile Photography Hacks

The coolest smartphone camera hacks, that will improve your shot and give you the edge in photography.

For capturing a picturesque shot, you no more have to bear a DSLR around your neck and exchange lenses. Your smartphone with a high-resolution camera is developed to click professional photographs and is always handier than a real camera. Here are 10 amazing tricks you can try with the phone camera that will give you incredible stills to frame!

  • Using a water droplet

Micro lenses for smartphones are readily available in the market and you can capture exotic shots with them. But in case you are looking for a hack to achieve a macro effect without the lens, try setting a blob of water on the phone lens and then clicking. The picture will be no less than a professional one!

  • Sprayed water

Another way to make your photo stand out is the rain effect. All you need is a sheet of glass sprinkled with water droplets to take your photograph through it. The most convenient way is to use your spectacles as the glass so that you can create your own rain filter no matter where you go!

  • Use your shades

When outside, you don’t have to bother about altering the exposure of your phone for the perfect shot. Simply put your shades in front of the camera and click! You can also experiment with contrasting hues to get a dual chrome effect on a single photo.

  • Put on the flash

You will be astonished to know how aesthetic a photo can look solely using mobile flash as a source of light. Be it colored or monochrome, this picture is going to be your classic portrait for sure!

  • Panorama effect

To get an artistic picture, you don’t have to depend on complicated editing software anymore. Use the panorama effect to create a hilarious sequence of your own self in several poses put in the same picture.

  • Plastic pouch covers

You don’t have to buy a waterproof phone to click amazing undersea shots. Just grab an airtight pouch and seal your phone delicately inside. Immerse the camera in water and unfold the expert photographer in you.

  • Using binoculars

Zooming your lens might pixelate the photo and hamper the quality. If you want to take a magnified shot, try putting a binocular before your camera lens. It will give you the outcome without dropping the resolution.

  • Make your own tripod

If you are unable to take a stable shot in the absence of a tripod stand, try making one with three clip holders! Arrange the clips to sustain the weight of your phone on both sides. Once you make it stand on a surface, it will stay there for you to click.

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