8 Best Sites to Sell Handcrafted Jewellery

Are you a craft enthusiast with skilled hands ideal to fashion masterpiece jewellery sets? Here are the best sites you can display your handcrafts on and make money out of your passion.

Not everyone is gifted with patience and talent to create something aesthetic out of raw materials like beads and wire. But going online you must have thought at least once, I wish I could sell my crafts online! Well, guess what? Many free sites will pay you clean for your handiworks, and who knows, maybe this might turn out to be the game-changer business for you!

  1. Etsy-
One of the top-rated places to explore your artistic hand in jewellery, Etsy is the online platform for selling and buying handmade ornaments. The process is swift, and you won’t have to wait eternally for getting the money back on your account. A go-to source site, so all your customers are authentic and interested in your craft.
  1. Amazon Handmade-
If you are serious about taking your hobby to a profession, you won’t mind paying 15% referral fee to the site for selling your work. The most popular featured website is worth the tax for having your crafts sold in a click.
  1. ArtFire-
This site gives you levels of membership while participating in it to sell your handmade jewellery. It provides you with an excellent option to decide if you want to back out or work on it for a long time.
  1. Big Cartel-
Big Cartel is an ideal place to sell your crafted ornaments to enticing customers only. The extended membership level and the tailoring list helps you create a continuous buy and sell environment.
  1. Bonanza-
Say you want to plan an overseas market of your ornament selling, its best to work on sites like Bonanza that will help you import from Amazon, Etsy and Shopify for free.
  1. eBay-
You, of course, saw this coming! Bid your prices on eBay and claim the worth of your handcrafts by selling them all over the world.
  1. eCrater-
You can start an online store for whatever you want to sell on eCrater, including handmade jewellery. The features help you sell to the full potential by aiding you with Facebook, Google and shipping calculators.
  1. Facebook Marketplace-
The list is incomplete without mentioning the ideal place to sell your jewellery on! The Facebook Marketplace is free, and you can suggest your friends buy them and support you in your business.