8 Bewildering Space Discoveries

The coolest space discoveries made in the recent past that help us unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Space has been the eternal box of mysteries that never disappoints us. From cherishing the twinkle stars to knowing about the massive black holes and galaxies, space explorations have astounded us even if we are not astrophysics geeks. Here are amazing 10 space discoveries that will surely make you gaze up at the infinite sky.

  1. Massive Black holes-

Black holes have been an intriguing subject of space study and discoveries of giant black holes about 12 billion times the size of our sun makes us realize how vast space really is. A black hole two billion light-years away known as PDS 456 contains more energy than trillions of sun.

  1. Nano Crafts-

Sponsored by billionaire projects of Yuri Milner, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steven Hawkins, a chip-sized satellite weighing nothing more than one gram will be thrust in outer space near the orbit of our nearest star Alpha Centauri. The traveling speed id 20% light-speed higher and will reach the star in about 20 years.

  1. Dark Matter-

As cryptic as it sounds, dark matter is an invisible existence.  It does not emit or reflect light, nor does it block it. Discoveries prove that the gravity of dark matter can bend the light. That is how it was discovered in the first place. Scientists believe that not only does it exist, but it might be 5 times more common that regular matter.

  1. Ghost particles-

Neutrinos, also called ghost particles, are practically massless. They have no charge nor energy. They travel at light-speed and are created as a byproduct of the sun’s nuclear fusion. They are the most abundant and essential elements in the universe. They have helped scientists to study the fusion process in the sun.

  1. Astrobiology-

As a field of study, astrobiology is a relatively new branch. It studies the existence of life in space. Its domain includes experimenting on how organisms can survive in extreme environments within and in outer space.

  1. Liquid substance on Mars-

Frozen ice sheets on the surface of Mars had been a previous discovery, but what took the attention of astronauts is flowing water-like liquid on the red planet. This could mean that life could exist in the future, right?

  1. The ninth planet-

With the classification of Pluto as a dwarf planet, there might actually be a real planet 9! About the size of Neptune, this celestial body encircles the orbit of the sun. Though not officially reported, other asteroids moving around this body suggest the presence of a new planet.

  1. Big Bang Theory-

With the quantum equation, scientists have come up with a model that states the universe existed forever, and there was no big bang. This theory says that the cosmos is finite and has an age. Their predictions match up with the density of the universe.

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