8 British Royal Castles You Need To Visit In England

If you are a person who appreciates royal castles, here are some castles you need to visit while in England.

England, despite its tiny area, is home to a large number of castles and palaces. Traveling to the country’s many breathtaking historical sites is a popular hobby. These are some English castles and palace picks, which include both well-known landmarks and more offbeat structures.

Windsor Castle

Among the world’s castles, Windsor is the one that has been continuously inhabited for the longest period. It has served as the official seat of the British monarchy for close to a millennium and is still regularly used by the King. Walking through the castle’s state chambers, chapel, and dolls home is a must for any tourist visiting the United Kingdom.

Blenheim Palace

There are few palaces in the world as grand as Blenheim Palace, which is located in Oxfordshire, England. The groomed gardens are impressive and flashy, and they’re sure to make a good first impression.

Leeds Castle

This fairy-tale castle, which was once called “the prettiest castle in the world,” is encircled by a moat and beautifully planted grounds. Leeds Castle is a 900-year-old English castle with huge grounds, lawns, a moat, a rampart, and many turrets located in Southern England, some 40 miles from London.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is only a half-hour train journey from the heart of London. There are sixty acres of grounds in addition to a magnificent royal collection and state suites. It’s a terrific day trip from London and one of the best palaces and castles in the country.

Buckingham Palace

Home to the British monarch and the seat of government in London. Tourists from every part of the world wait patiently from outside the Palace gates each day to witness the guard change, which is a spectacular demonstration of the British monarchy. Throughout the summer, guests may see the Palace’s elaborate staterooms and stroll around the beautifully planted grounds. As part of our London day trip, you’ll get the chance to observe the famous Changing of Guard Ceremony outside Buckingham Palace.

Chatsworth House

The Chatsworth country estate is our number six pick for the best castles and palaces in England. This magnificent mansion is the official residence of the Duke of Devonshire and is located in the Peak District, one of the United Kingdom’s most scenic areas. Impressive works of art by Charles Darwin and Rembrandt adorn the walls of the mansion, which also feature several luxuriously appointed apartments.

Warwick Castle

One of the best-surviving examples of a medieval English castle, Warwick is an excellent destination for a family day. This magnificent castle dates back a thousand years, and it has been transformed into an adventure playground for youngsters. You can explore a dungeon, get lost in a maze, and scale several towers.

Bodiam Castle

If you’re searching for a castle that’s a bit out of the way, this one could be perfect for you. When it comes to spectacular backdrops, Bodiam is unrivaled. The castle’s moat was constructed in the 1300s to protect the area from French invasion; it has since been repaired, and the castle itself is full of interesting apartments.


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