8 Flight Secrets That You Should Know

Even the most seasoned travelers are unaware of these flight secrets. However, here are some of them that will surprise you.

You can’t know everything there is to know about flying, no matter how many times you’ve been on an aircraft. From flight attendants and pilots to specialists in the aviation business, here are a few things you may not have known about flying.

The Emergency Oxygen Mask Works Only For 15 Minutes

In most circumstances, it lasts a long period. Drop-down oxygen supply masks on planes are often only able to supply 12 to 15 minutes of oxygen, which may sound like a scary discovery. However, do not panic. There is usually less time to lower the plane’s height than there is to run out of oxygen in the masks. The most essential thing is to put on your mask over your mouth and nose as quickly as possible since the pressure in the cabin can drop to dangerous levels in just 30 seconds.

The Bells You Hear Throughout A Plane Ride Are Actually A Coded Message

Flight crews commonly use chimes and bells to communicate with each other in the cabin. You may hear these notifications regarding anything from the leftover snacks to the turbulence that has been identified on the plane’s flight route. In addition, the chimes might represent a signal from the pilot indicating an emergency or a change in the flight path, although this is extremely unlikely.

The Lavatories Can Be Unlocked From The Outside

The lavatories can be unlocked from outside for safety concerns by the air hostess. They have a key in case of emergency.

You Should Not Drink Aircraft Water

Although germaphobes may not be concerned, you may want to reconsider buying coffee or tea on board.

Until The Plane Has Landed, The Flight Attendants Are Not Paid

Flight attendants paid by the hour aren’t paid until the plane has landed. Similar to when the doors open, they cease being compensated. All of the time airline staff spend preparing the plane, boarding passengers, conducting safety checks, and getting passengers off the aircraft is unpaid.

You Can Ask For A Full Can Of Coke If You’d Like

A part of a typical can of soda or juice is poured into a tiny plastic cup by certain airlines to serve beverages. However, in most instances, you have the option of just requesting the full can.

A Pilot Wields Considerable Influence

The PIC, or “pilot in charge,” is a great authority when the plane’s doors are shut. It’s just like the captain of a ship.

There’s A Lot Of Information On Your Boarding Pass

Your boarding card contains a variety of intriguing and possibly sensitive information, even if you don’t understand much of it at first sight.


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