Published By: Rinks

8 Games That Will both Educate and Entertain Your Kids At Home

A list of 8 games to school your kids while letting them play to their heart's content!

As a responsible adult, you are tied between the thin line of letting your kids play on your phone and worrying about them getting addicted to the screen. Honestly, online games engage kids better than other activities but nobody wants kids to be hooked to the TV screen.

Wish some games could do both; keep your toddlers busy and educate them? Here are 10 games that are developed to enhance your child's skills and teach them values at the same time.

  1. Animal Jam-
A virtual world created with well-researched animals and plants to give your kids good learning of zoology and ecology. The adventure, along with communicative elements have a large number of registered users. You will see your child becoming a fan of flora and fauna and will learn new things every day.
  1. Captain Toad-
A game that encourages your kids to imagine uniquely. The puzzles and treasure hunt will remind you of your Mario playing days! You can hunt riches together with your kid and see them beat you in a few rounds!
  1. Prodigy-
Still scared about doing math? Don't worry, your kids won't be. This game is designed to enhance your kid's math skills. The interactive training allows them to form teams and play collectively. As the levels progress, your kids will be able to solve complex problems quickly.
  1. Thinkrolls 2
This game is made to teach your kids the basics of physics in the form of puzzles, whereas the rolling aliens teach buoyancy, gravity and acceleration. The most valuable part is, you don't need an internet connection to play this game.
  1. Tinybop Games-
There are dozens of learning games in these in which the study subjects are divided according to the topic. They learn about space, animal anatomy and the human body according to their age group.
  1. Dragonbox Math and Chess Games-
We have all known chess as a game to increase strategy and intelligence building. This online chess game helps you approach chess from the base level to teach your kids, while they begin to take an interest in the subject of math.
  1. Endless Alphabet-
This game is primarily for the little toddlers who are just beginning to understand the alphabet. The animated alphabets in rounds make sure your little baby is well versed with the letters. From building up words to complex sentences, this is going to be your best friend.
  1. Stop Motion Studio-
Your kid loves art? We have that sorted. This animated game lets your kid design his own piece of art. You might take great interest in developing it with your kids to be a future artist in the making!