8 House Plants that Require Minimal Care

If you want to add a touch of nature to your home, but also have a busy lifestyle then you need easy-to-care plants.

Houseplants not only bring greenery inside your home but also are known to lift moods and purify the air. Below is a list of plants that are stylish as well as low maintenance.

  • Spider Plant
The spider plant, ideally, needs bright light for faster growth. But it can also survive in low light and has great water-retaining capacity. Thus, you don’t have to fear if you miss some watering days.
  • Peace Lily
This stunning flowering plant comes in white, purple and pink and is aesthetically pleasing because of the striking colour difference between the flowers and leaves. To flourish, they need moist soil and low indirect light.
  • Cactus
Cacti are a strong and adaptable houseplant. They need to be watered very rarely, less than once a month, and grow slowly, which means no repotting is required. You can even grow a small cacti garden inside your home.
  • Succulents
Available in an array of varieties and styles, succulents require minimal watering as they can rot if too much water is given. You can mix and match between different colours and styles to create a mini-succulent garden. Put them in terrariums or leave them as stand-alone plants.
  • Pothos
If you have darker rooms in your house, then Pothos is your best friend. They can survive in the harshest conditions of low light and require water only when the top inch of the soil dries out.
  • Aloe 
Aloe requires slight care, and they can continue growing for several years. You can let the soil completely dry out, but the plant won’t die because of its water-storing capacity. However, they love warm bright lights, so keep them on sunny windowsills.
  • ZZ Plant
Easiest to care for, the ZZ plant can be classified as indestructible. They are extremely simple to handle as they can thrive in any environment. More than often, this plant flourishes the most if left alone.
  • Bamboo 
Bamboo is a simple plant as it requires no soil and can survive in indirect light. Place the bamboo stalks in a vase with pebbles at the bottom and fill it up with water. Since it thrived on water, you need to make sure to give it in abundance.

You don’t need to fear killing your plants anymore. Buy one or all from the list above, and you are all set.