8 iconic literary characters created by Satyajit Ray

Aside from being an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Satyajit Ray was also an excellent writer whose contribution to Bengali literature is truly immeasurable.

Satyajit Ray was a multi-faceted talent in the truest sense as he also excelled in numerous other creative fields than filmmaking. Along with making pathbreaking movies that raised the bar globally, he wrote a number of short stories and novels which are still equally loved by the Bengalis in general. While his target readers were mainly the youth, those books actually went on to be popular among people of all age groups. Here, let’s explore this less discussed side of Ray by taking a look at some of his most famous literary characters.

Feluda: Feluda aka Prodosh Chandra Mitter is a Bengali private investigator with an extremely sharp brain, strong observation skills and brilliant sense of humour. Heavily inspired by Sherlock Holmes, the character is actually a resemblance of Ray himself.

Maganlal Meghraj: Maganlal Meghraj is a powerful villainous character who stands as a strong opponent to Feluda. Living in Banaras, he operates several illegal businesses including smuggling. He possesses great wit and interesting personality which make him stand out as a villain in Bengali literature.

Jatayu: A close friend of Feluda, Jatayu aka Lal Mohan Ganguli is a successful writer in the crime thriller genre. With sweet nature, innocent characteristics and adorable persona, Jatayu is the character whose presence brings comic relief in the Feluda stories.

Professor Shonku: Prof. Trilokeshwar Shonku is a gifted scientist who lives in Giridih and invents numerous astounding machines with very less equipment at his own laboratory. He sets out on adventurous journeys and experiences various craziest phenomena across the world.

Tarini Khuro: Tarini Khuro (“khuro” literally means paternal uncle) is a peripatetic in the truest sense who has spent his life at various parts across India. Now an aged bachelor living in Kolkata, he tells stories based on his own life experiences to his young friends.

Banku Babu: Banku Babu is a kind-hearted school master living in a village of West Bengal. After being ill-treated by his fellow villagers for years, he finally befriends an alien and learns to be a strict person. The character is revolutionary and teaches a lot of life lessons to the readers.

Sujan Harbola: Sujan Harbola is a boy who is not interested in studying, rather learns mimicking various species of birds and animals. He develops bond with nature and starts living life like a free soul.

Anukul: Not a human being, Anukul is a robot that looks and acts exactly like a man. In fact, he sometimes even thinks like humans and goes on to do something that leaves the readers awestruck.

The list also includes characters like Sidhu Jyatha, Mandar Bose, Patol Babu, Fatik Chand, Mullah Nasiruddin, Professor Hiji-bij-bij, Baatik Babu and others.

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