8 Incredible Movies to Watch with Your Kids

Grab a bowl full of popcorn and bring the whole kids crew to enjoy these 8 movies that can be experienced by the entire family.

Picking a movie to watch with your kids under 12 can be tricky. All films that you like might not grab your kid’s attention. And what interests them might be something that you’d like to avoid exposing your kids to.

All thanks to Disney, movies were specially made for kids and were enjoyed by the whole family as well. Here are eight chosen movies you can watch with your kids and have an entertaining experience.

  1. The Lion King-

The Disney classic is both going to make your kids laugh and cry. The love between a father and son, and his realization and taking over the kingdom has been brilliantly shown in this movie. The fun moments and HakunaMatata will keep you humming all day!

  1. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s Stone-

The original movie of the Harry Potter sequence captures your attention with the fantasy realm. The enchantment and wizardry captures fans, both adult and kids alike, and will keep the whole family spellbound in front of the screen.

  1. Home Alone-

This movie reflects Christmas adventure at its best. The protagonist being a kid who is smart enough to protect himself and the house from thieves is an all-time favourite. The sneaky bandits who end up in Gotham inspire the naughty little munchkins to use their brains to defend themselves.

  1. Frozen-

A not too old film from the Disney stable, this movie sets sister goals and was one of the first movies where a Disney princess was coroneted as the Queen. We still can’t help humming the catchy songs. With the cutest characters ever created, Elsa is the new icon for girls under 10!

  1. Finding Nemo-

Honestly, this animated movie will get you freeing all fishes from your aquarium. The story of a father fish risking his life swimming through oceans to rescue his son is going to melt your heart. Keep a box of tissues ready for a nose run when they finally unite!

  1. Inside Out-

One of Pixar’s most innovative storylines, Inside Out, is all about what goes inside our head! What if our emotions had a life? This movie teaches us that being happy always is not the answer to leading a good life, all other emotions like anger, sadness and fear are equally important.

  1. Despicable Me-

The transformation of a mean old villain who has no place in his heart for charity to a loving single father of three orphans is beautiful. Not to forget the thousands of minions who amaze kids with their unique minion language.

  1. The Karate Kid-

Ideal for kids above the age of 6, this movie will inspire them to take up martial art classes seriously. The way to fit in a new society and fight bullies is shown beautifully in this movie.

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