8 Incredible Natural phenomena observed around the world

Nature has a fantastic way to surprise us with its strangest and awe-inspiring sights. Check out these eight fascinating natural phenomena around the world.

From bioluminescent shores in Maldives and valley of moving stones in the USA to a lunar rainbow in Hawaii and black sun phenomenon in Denmark, nature’s creativity surpasses the marvels of the human mind and leaves us awe-struck always.

All these miraculous natural occurrences have a science behind them that most of us are unaware of till now.  Let’s take a look!

  1. Aurora Borealis, Iceland

The Aurora Borealis is an optical phenomenon, caused by the interaction of the electrically charged particles from the sun with atoms present in the upper atmosphere of Earth. This phenomenon manifests itself with colourful bright spots, generally, green, red and blue.

  1. Bioluminescence Shore, Maldives

The bioluminescence phenomenon in Mudhdhoo Island of Maldives occurs due to the presence of phytoplankton on the seashore. The tidal currents produced on the full moon night wash the chemical energy off the sea planktons resulting in ethereal blue glow in the Maldives shore.

  1. Frozen Ice Bubbles, Canada

The otherworldly ice bubbles trapped in astonishing patterns are made of inflammable methane gas. These icy gas bubbles are formed when dead leaves, grass or marine animals are decomposed in water, releasing a large amount of methane. The methane gas gets transformed into bubbles after they come in contact with the frozen water.

  1. Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela

The Catatumbo lightning is a crazy and quite scary natural phenomenon. This electrifying lightning storm is triggered when cold and warm air currents strike each other just above the point where the Catatumbo River meets the Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela.

  1. Moonbow, Hawaii

This spectacular atmospheric phenomenon, also known as Lunar Rainbow, is caused by the reflection of the moonlight instead of sunlight. Moonbow usually occurs near the waterfalls, by forming a glittering arc that looks like the usual rainbow.

  1. Sailing Stones, USA

This mysterious geographical phenomenon is observed in California’s Death Valley National Park, where heavy stones appeared to move and shift their position in the dried lake bed. These frozen rocks show sudden movements due to ice buoyancy that cause even a light breeze to shake and move stones.

  1. Sort Sol, Denmark

The Sort Sol or black sun is an astounding natural phenomenon that occurs during the month of March and April. It is caused when flocks of over a million birds fly north during the sunset blocking the sun completely, resulting in the black sun.

  1. Fairy Circles, Namibia

The Fairy Circles are millions of circular honey-comb like structure formed in the arid grasslands of Namibia. This unusual pattern appears on the ground due to the radioactive properties of the soil that releases harmful toxins to kill the vegetation forming circular patches.

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