8 Places on Earth You Are Not Permitted To Visit

8 mysterious places on earth you are not permitted to explore.

You would think your passport and visa is the key to tour any place you want on the planet. But what if I told you, no amount of legal documentation could grant you access to these sites. These prohibited areas have lesser-known details about them and excite us even more to delve deeper into their mysteries.

Intrigued to know about them? Here are 8 places that will send shivers down your spine as you get to know more about them.

  1. The Lascaux Cave-

This ancient cave is nothing less than a treasure trove for historians. The prehistoric paintings in the cave are older than 17,500 years old. The Paleolithic carvings and paintings depicting animal hunting takes you back in time. Unfortunately, archaeologists pointed out in 1963 that public entrance can destroy the originality of the images.

  1. The Sentinelese Island-

Home to the inhabitants of Sentinelese tribe, this island is one of the forbidden places on earth. Protected by the Indian Government, the tribe exists for over 50,000 years, and the people have no exposure to modernization what so ever.

  1. Surtsey-

Surtsey is among the newest landmass on earth created of a volcanic eruption only four years ago. The virgin forest growing on the archipelago is open to geologists for research, but any tourist entry is prohibited as they might tamper with the serenity of ecological balance.

  1. Ise Grand Shrine-

As famous as the ancient shrines are in Japan, the most exclusive of them is the Ise Grand Shrine. This old grandeur is renovated every 20 years and can be visited internally only by members of the royal family.

  1. North Brother Island-

While New York is a thickly populated city full of people, the North Brother Island is one of the most abandoned places in the USA. It was the original home to Typhoid Mary and later used as a quarantine hospital. Before getting wholly abandoned, it became a bird sanctuary and rehab centre.

  1. The Doomsday Vault-

This vault is the seed bank that houses every kind of seed in the world. Preparing for a global apocalypse, the vault is designed to be stored for the long-term, and can only be opened for special guests on limited days.

  1. Snake Island-

This Brazilian island is home to thousands of deadly serpents. The island is so hazardous for human visit that the government has made it illegal to travel to the island.

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