8 Places That Feels Like Living On Clouds

Are you a nephophile at heart? Well, you just got lucky, for here are some of the places where you can touch clouds!

The diverse terrain of India is blessed with almost every kind of atmospheric condition. Be it the magnificent mountains, the salty seas, the dusty desert or the scenic valleys. Each person gets to enjoy their favourite kind of holiday destination. Now to speak of being in places that take you on cloud 9, what could be better than actually being among clouds! Here are some of the most beautiful hill stations that are gently shaded by cloud cover almost every time of the year!


You must have heard about the beautiful town in Uttrakhand. Surrounded by thick green forests and breathtaking lakes, you will find ample places to rejuvenate your soul. Summer is the best time to enjoy the sun while the clouds brush against your head and float.


The tiniest hill station in Maharashtra is also the smallest hill station in India. The pollution-free place is ideal for enjoying your summers. The thick forests with drizzling rain enhance the beauty of the site.


The small hill station is known as the princess of hill stations. The spectacular view and chilling weather give you the perfect weather to enjoy your summer heat. The clouds moving overhead in the morning and evening makes your stay even more memorable.

Nandi Hills-

Located 65 km from Bangalore, this is a perfect place to spend your weekend. The shiv temples and the peak is the perfect example of the scenic beauty.


The hill station is ideal for trekking enthusiasts. Various film enthusiasts have chosen to make films and documentaries. The Lonavala Lake, Tiger’s Leap, Karla caves, Duke’s nose make it ideal for spending splendid weekends in.


Located in West Sikkim, Pelling gives you a full view of the Himalayas. There are various places to visit like the monastery, waterfall, Rimbi rock garden etc., that justifies the sunset while you enjoy the idea of the mountains.


The unique tourist place is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. The summer capital creates the aura you need while you fight the hectic schedule of your office life.


Located in the Dehradun district, Mussoorie is prevalent among travellers. It gives the view of Shivaliks while you enjoy the doon valley and clouds pass by.

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