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8 Powerful Reasons to Love your Enemies

Staying positive even through foes

Enmity is not always bad! Are you feeling surprised?  Don’t be!  It might help you too in different forms.

Here are eight such factors that shape our personality because of the existence of our enemies!

Anger Management

Enemies would always intend to bring the worst of you!  They would like to torment and irritate you to burst you out in anger.  Don’t take this negatively!  Isn’t it the best tool to control your anger?  Isn’t it the best option to manage your anger?  Just keep your brain working and control yourself from inside.

Healthy Competition    

Enmity gives you the very opportunity for a healthy competition.  When you are competing with your enemies, you’d have the urge to do the best results in your success.

Negative Comments and Breakthrough

It’s quite obvious that your enemies won’t pronounce a single good thing regarding you.  But when they are saying something negative, there might be some truth in it, however small that may be.  So, evaluate yourself and see whether there exists any validity in their comments.  If you find something true, just try to change it and become more perfect.  Who knows, this might bring a breakthrough in your life!

Developing a Common Ground

It might happen that having interaction and communications with your enemies slowly melt the ice-slabs!  This would not only reduce an enemy and add a new ally in your life but also help you in developing your skills to work with a diverse population for a common cause or goal.

Realizing Positivity

Enemies would torment your life certainly.  But that might lead you to focus on your positivity—something that you have in your life, something that makes you smile!

Repairing Relationship

Nobody wants to keep enmity.  Certainly, you too don’t!  So you talk to your enemies to find out where the fracture has taken place.  This would help you in developing your skills of patience, sympathy and apathy that would develop your personality stronger.

Learning to Appreciate Love

Appreciating love sometimes becomes underestimated in a busy life schedule.  When you have plenty of enemies in your life, you get more serious and cautious about the people who love you unconditionally.

Get Rid of Hatred

Having enemies would teach you that hate is the heaviest emotional baggage that can’t let you run faster in the way of success.  So just try to get rid of it!  Who knows, when would you convert all your foes into friends!

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