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8 Rainbow Birds Round The Globe

Dig bright colours? Here are some of the most exotic birds found in nature.

When you think of colours, flowers and birds makes most of it. The tropical forests will leave every nature lover stunned with the gorgeous hues. As a bird lover, you must have spent many a time admiring the beauty of these birds. Here are some of the birds that help make the earth a colourful place to live in.

Sun Conure-

The medium-sized parrot combines the colourfulcolours of the rainbow to form the most exceptional combination. The deep violet markings and the plumage tails make an impressive colour palate. You need to get yourself some really lovely binoculars to enjoy the gorgeous feathers.

Jenday Conure-

A close relative of Sun Conures in terms of colour, size and personality, the resident of South America is a colourful treat to the eyes. The fully grown adults are a fiery mixture of bright hues.

Rainbow Lorikeet-

The magnificent birds are a vision! A native of Australia, they gave a brush-like structure that sucks nectar out of flowers quickly. So the staple diet is usually nectar and honey of flowers. They have beautiful personality, and if you are lucky, they will be ideal pets to adore.

Scarlet-Chested Parakeet-

They are also known as splendid parakeets. The family of grass parakeets are arguably the most intelligent species of birds seen. Though they have a reputation of being tougher to train, the sighting is really rare and worth a sight.

Eclectus Parrot-

The large beautiful birds are available in many colour feathers. They are dimorphic, and you can promptly tell the difference between the male and female. Highly sought as pets. The birds in Australia have become a favourite of birds all around the world.

Scarlet Macaw-

The gorgeous hues and bold personality make the bird mimic human speech effortlessly. Not only will they copy your address, but they can replicate your tone as well. They are trained at learning phrases and even snippets of songs.


If you were planning on petting crimson rosellas, you might want to change your mind. They are parrots from Australia that prefer to be in the wild. Caging them could be hazardous as they will do everything to be fierce and free like every bird should!


If you are a tweety fan, you must have dreamt of owning a tweety at least once! The bright yellow bird defines the colour and is something that brightens your day.

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