8 reasons to have more makhan or white butter!

Its better with butter, so we list benefits the yummy treat has

If you come from a Punjabi household, you know the importance of makhan or white butter. Well, a dollop of melting not only does enhance the taste of food but has many benefits as well. While, yellow butter is salted butter and high in beta-carotene, makhan or white butter is unsalted, low in beta-carotene and is also fat-soluble. So let’s take a look at some of the latter’s benefits:

Helps in weight loss

White butter is full of lecithin, a substance that helps in the metabolism and riddance of cholesterol and other fat constituents in the body. Since it helps in breaking down the body fat, it effectively leads to weight loss. Also, it lowers your overall calorie intake as compared to yellow butter by making you feel satiated sooner than most other foods. While every 100 grams has about 750 calories, white butter is full of ‘healthy calories’.

High Nutritional Content

Makhan is made up of a unique molecular composition of saturated fat, which helps in retaining calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin D in your body.

Promotes healthy skin

Since white butter is rich in vitamin E and selenium, an antioxidant to make your skin smooth and healthy, you know your perfect ingredient for that glow on your skin.

Makes you smarter and sharper

The molecular structure of white butter or makhan can easily pass through the layers of tissue in your body, which are otherwise impermeable. Unlike other healthy foods, white butter can transport nutrients to the brain directly and takes away wastes from it. Hence, it makes you smarter and sharper by making your brain work at optimum efficiency.

Fights infections

White butter has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help boost your immune system.

Helps treat cancer

Makhan consists of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) along with medium and short chain fatty acids. It is said that they have cancer-fighting properties.

Treats a number of ailments

Makhan has more benefits than one and can help you in treating various ailments like ear problems, insomnia, weakness and even mental illness.

Lubricates the joints

White butter is hugely beneficial for people who are suffering from joint pains as it leads to the production of compounds that lubricate joints. Even for someone who is suffering from arthritis, it reduces the condition of the joints.

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