8 Tips For A Successful Buyer Persona Exercise

Your ability to read the minds of your consumers and potential purchasers is crucial to building a strong brand in today’s business-to-business market. Here is how to make a successful buyer persona.

Since buyer persona provides in-depth insights into the people who make purchases of your products or services, they are invaluable in branding and marketing. Although there is no foolproof method for creating buyer personas, you can do a few things to increase the likelihood of a successful exercise.

Set Specific Objectives

Information on your ideal customers (personas) must be gathered initially. To get the most out of any activity, you need first to determine what you hope to achieve by doing it.

Choose Between A Segmented And An Unsegmented Persona Exercise

The choice between a segmented and an unsegmented activity should be made after considering the available resources and the team’s makeup. For example, the economic buyer or the lead researcher makes up the two categories of customers/prospects you’ll focus on in an unsegmented study, whereas other segments will be examined in a segmented exercise.

Decide On A Combination Of Research Strategies

Researchers might choose from a variety of methods. Buyer personas are typically created using qualitative data. Data collection can be improved by combining qualitative interviews with quantitative surveys. Interviews are a great way to learn the “why” behind someone’s behavior. Make careful to ask follow-up questions about every answer you get. In contrast, surveys are a fantastic tool for collecting data on a large scale and verifying the results of your interviews. Questions about your target audience’s favorite social platforms or content kinds may be quickly asked in a survey.

Find Interesting People To Talk To

Only as excellent as the individuals you talk to will be the insights you gain. Whether doing segmented or unsegmented customer persona research, setting limits and criteria for people you interview is essential. It is crucial to reach the proper age and gender breakdowns and ensure that those interviewed have the necessary expertise. If you want to get the most out of your interviews, it’s essential to pick the right individuals to talk to.

Make A Conversation Starter By Drawing Out A Guide

Make a discussion guide with all the questions you intend to ask during interviews. A discussion guide is helpful to get everyone on the same page before the interviews. As a result, your team will have better insight into the process, and any queries may be answered before the discussions begin. In addition, the book will act as a reference for the interviewees. Feel free to follow everything to a tee, though.

Follow Your Instincts And Inquire More

You may modify the interview questions as you go along based on the information you get and the things you want to learn more about or not learn throughout the interviews.

Create The Personalities

Once you get information from your target demographics, you may organize it into usable “personas.” Consider these points when you create your personas.

Seek For Differences And Anomalies In Understanding

Some insights gained from segmented research could apply to more than one persona. Look over the interviews again for subtle distinctions. Consider merging the personalities if there is little to differentiate the audiences.


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