Published By: Rinks

9 Best Hair Care Tips From Mom's Diary

Time to take a breath and admire the fact– Mom knows best! –. Here are some practical hair care recipes straight from mom's diary.

It's almost infuriating how moms worldwide always are right about what you're doing, from what you need to eat to how you should care for your hair. So here are some tips to make your hair shine without needing treatments.

Don't Wash Your Hair Frequently

Ask your mum and grandparents about their hair washing schedule, and they will tell you they have a particular weekend day for hair wash. This is in stark contrast to the mundane act of shampooing our hair daily, which yields no noticeable consequences. Shampoo and conditioners contain many chemicals, so try to avoid using them as much as possible.

Hair Mask With Henna

The ancient Indian art of henna (also known as Mehendi) has long been used as a substitute for chemical hair dyeing. Henna-based hair masks are also quite effective. Keep flaking at bay and feed your hair's follicles with this mask every day.

Amla And Shikakai Hair Mask

Because of the high concentration of Vitamin C in the essential fatty acids found in amla, they serve as a conditioner and supplement for the scalp. Shikakai is a beautiful hair conditioner that helps fight the adverse effects of hair breakage and thicken the hair. Using these two excellent substances can benefit your body in several different ways. Make your own pesticide powder shampoos instead of the toxic shampoo you now have.

Massage With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil's enchantment extends beyond the southern Indian subcontinent. Curly hair might suffer protein loss because of the lauric acid inside the oil. However, it can also penetrate the hair shaft because of its chemical structure and cure hair damage.

Infusion Of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have long been revered in Indian traditional medicine for their healing powers. As a result of their propensity to encourage hair growth, they are used in hair care products. You may keep your hair nourished and healthy without any treatment by infusing it with oil or frying it in coconut oil.

Comb Your Hair

It is false to believe that combing your hair too regularly might lead to hair loss and breakage. If you remember your childhood, your grandmother or mother would have just combed your hair out from the tip to the root. Even if we are constrained by time, brushing hair gently is vital to eliminate debris and particles that clog the head and inhibit hair from developing.

Braid Your Hair

Braiding your hair, whether it's a myth or not, is said to hasten hair development and protect it from breakage. However, no scientific evidence can be discovered to support the claim that hair breakage is prevented and that pollutants and filth are kept at bay.