Published By: Rinks

9 Card Ideas That Children Will Love To Try

Take a look at these innovative DIY birthday card ideas for kids, which will help them explore their creative side to the fullest.

If you were thinking of engaging your kids in some creative pastime, what would be better than helping them make cards! Here are some innovative ideas to prepare cards in advance, so everyone receives a handmade birthday card on their special day!

Buttons Birthday Card

The addition of a 3D component to a card is always a blast, and it's visually pleasing as well. We love how buttons pop against the thin lines of the card. You can make stick figures and add button heads to look cuter.

Hiding Bear Card

Do you like funky cards that can open and then unfold? You might enjoy this cute cartoon bear that's obviously preparing for a surprise celebration! All it needs is bright paper and scissors!

Paper Cupcake Cards

This cute cupcake-themed card uses recycled paper, and all you need is some staplers and ribbons to give it a cakey look.

Birthday Candle Birthday Card

You can guide your kids through the process of creating an extremely simple but adorable birthday candle. This can be used as a birthday gift for someone special or an invitation to your own celebration!

String Balloon Card

A card that looks adorable outside is undoubtedly a great idea. However, we like cards that are adorable inside too! Cutting out balloons from paper and banner flags and then using colored string to create a popping party scene when the card is opened is what everyone deserves.

Whale Card

In customizing items with vibrant colors, markers are an incredible tool. Applying this technique to create any image you want with a cute birthday cap is possible!

Paper Cutouts Of Age Cards

Sometimes upcycling is stylish in a surprising way. We're in love with this adorable age-cutout birthday card idea. It can be made using scrap or recycled paper that you like the design color, texture, or color of.

Washi Tape Candle Card

If you are a fan of bright patterns and colors but are unsure about your painting and drawing skills, consider using washi tape to create pictures with nice straight lines and sharp edges!

Washi Tiered Cake With Tape

Do you like the idea of creating an invitation card for a birthday using washi tape but think the birthday candle design seems too simple for you? Make a tiered cake pattern similar to this one instead! It's not as tricky, and it's always good to have alternatives in the making of beautiful things.