9 Movies set in the wintery cold and snow

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There’s always special about movies set in a particular season. Or even the holidays. There’s some set in a single day, like a party or a wedding. Summer movies have the feel of a feel-good rom-com. Monsoon movies are moody and romantic. Fall movies are cozy; you enjoy it over the weekend. And when it comes to winter movies, the snow, the hail, layers of wool can make up for pretty interesting flicks.

What’s really interesting about movies set in cold and snow is their range. There’s The Holiday (rom-com) and then there’s The Shining (this doesn’t need any explanation) and we also have man-versus-wild like The Grey or true stories like The Vertical Limit all set in the wintery landscape. If Bridget Jones’ Diary and Misery have the same setting as snow and cold, and you love the variety that deep freeze movies offers, here’s are 9 movies that will definitely please you.


This 1995 Coen Brothers noir masterpiece, set in Minnesota, a perfect thriller in the wintery snow and how a botched kidnapping and combines goriness with cheerfulness in a way only Coen Brothers can pull off.

Little Women

Snow and winter take up a lot of screentime in Greta Gerwig’s cinematic adaptation of the novel. There’s women growing into individuals, holiday celebrations, walks in the snow that’s perfect for a watch on a winter afternoon.

The Hateful Eight

In a Wyoming cabin, in a blizzard, a bounty hunter and his captured fugitive take refuge. Like any Tarantino movie, surprises, foul mouthery, twists and how eight outlaws plots’ undergo in the little cabin.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Netflix brought us this thriller about a woman who agrees to go on a vacation with her boyfriend’s parents to a remote farm on a winter day. That’s all there is to know. Watch this psychological thriller as events unfold.

Happy Feet

You just cannot have a list about snowy movies and not include Happy Feet. This animated film tells the story of an empire penguin and how he expresses himself with dance is a watch every winter for the whole family.

Black Christmas

A serial killer stalks and murders women in a women’s dorm. There are phones ringing, missing girls in the hostel, first person POV of the killer and the slasher set in 1974 was set in a wintery landscape.

Eight Below

Grab your tissues for this one, you have been fairly warned. The late Paul Walker starrer in this survival drama must leave his loyal and beloved sled dogs after an accident, forcing the pups to survive the harsh Antarctica conditions and wildlife on their own.


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