9 Reasons Why We Love the Comedy Queen Ellen DeGeneres

All about why we adore the comedy queen Ellen DeGeneres, and how she inspires us to be better human beings.

Talk about Ellen DeGeneres, she is witty, compassionate, and of course, makes us squirt water out of our nose! The Ellen DeGeneres Show and her hysterical comedy timings give us a plethora of reasons to adore the impeccable role model even more!

  1. The humorous being-

She is funny without a doubt, but what impresses us, even more, is that she does not use any curse words to get giggles out of her audience. Her persona delivers comedy in a sarcastic style without hurting anyone’s sentiments just for fun’s sake.

  1. Her childlike pranks-

Her show is full of jokes, and even though it leaves some celebrities gasping on the floor, it is something we have all done in our childhood. The best part is, she is neutral to scaring everyone, even her executive producers!

  1. Getting people closer-

She is generous not only in supporting people monetarily but also in drawing people closer. Helping her fans meet their celebrity crush, and even bringing people to confess their love is what Ellen does!

  1. She is on the face of cover girl-

Eight years of being the face of Cover Girl, she owns the defined beauty standards, and we are so delighted for her to be doing so. The cosmetic brand also hit $1 billion in sales within a year of launching our dear star Ellen.

  1. All about humanity and animal rights-

Ellen does not wear the tag of an activist and does not politicize her funds. But on her own, her charismatic personality has done volumes of work for the LGBT community. She also contributes towards helping street animals find good homes.

  1. Her generous charities-

In almost all episodes of her show, she graciously helps out the needy. She reads all her fan letters, and the casual gift hampers she gives out, like a car, TV, house renovation, or even a family vacation to bring the family together, shows how personal the gifts are and how caring she is.

  1. She teaches us to stand up for ourselves.

Ellen says she had refused to put on a dress for a cover magazine as she was not comfortable in it. She was unapologetic about it and stated she was not sorry for who she is. Ellen spreads the message of self-love and confidence to portray your true self no matter what people assume you to be.

  1. She is quite a dancer!

If you have seen her dance, you probably tapped your feet too! The part of her show where she makes you dance is so awesome. She recognizes talent and gives you a stage on her show to gain recognition worldwide.

  1. She is loved worldwide-

Aside from having worldwide recognition and a successful talk show host, she teaches us humanity, acceptance, and tolerance. Her choice of guests do not whirl only around celebrities but are real people we would love to know.

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