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9 Signs Your Partner Is Intimidated By Your Success

Your success might trigger jealousy and insecurity in your partner. Here are some signs that your partner is triggered by your success.

If you're in a relationship where one person is considerably more successful than the other, you could start to feel that your spouse is threatened by your level of achievement. Maybe he's just insecure or wants to replicate your success but needs to figure out what it takes. Here are ten telltale indications that your significant other is threatened by your accomplishments.

Highlights His Accomplishments

When your spouse is envious of your success, he may try to overshadow you by highlighting his accomplishments. Of course, he won't admit it, but he acts this way because he's insecure and thinks your achievement is better than his.

Gets In Between Your Business

When you and your spouse argue, they can try to flaunt your accomplishments in your face. But you have high-paying work at a law firm," he counters, if you wish to save more funds for long-term ambitions. "Why do you have to economize so much?" He might be bitter about where you are and what you have accomplished.

Demands Credit For Your Accomplishments

Your partner doesn't believe it's enough that you thanked him many times for his role in shaping who you are now. So when he's threatened by your achievements, he'll try to make it seem like he's solely responsible for your good fortune.

Doesn't Hear About Your Problems

If your significant other shows little curiosity about your work, that might be another red flag. He is dismissive and condescending when discussing the accomplishments of particular undertakings. Never let this bother you. Instead, take pleasure in your achievements and be pleased with yourself.

Avoids Talking About Money With You

Your partner may feel threatened by your financial security if he avoids discussing money with you. Likewise, you may encounter resistance from him if you decide you'd want to handle financial matters or put a cap on expenses to reach a goal.

Dwells On Your Imperfections

If your spouse is threatened by your achievements, he will concentrate on your weaknesses. It doesn't take much for him to find fault with what you're doing and then tear you down.

Has A Sudden Desire To Improve

It's great if your significant other wants to better himself, but if he decides to go back to school and pursue his lifelong dream job after reading about your success, it's probably because he's envious.

He Talks About You Behind Your Back

Your partner will spread rumors about you to those he knows because he is jealous of your success and wants it for himself. Most of the things he says are falsehoods meant to humiliate you and tarnish your good name. You shouldn't worry about your partner's gossip as long as it follows your own values.

Won't Rejoice In Your Success

A spouse threatened by your achievements is unlikely to show much enthusiasm for them. So there's a chance he won't celebrate your promotion with you by attending your awards banquet or giving you a bear hug.