9 Things to Always Carry In Your Handbag

Be it going shopping or a business trip abroad. This list of essentials to carry in your handbag is going to protect you from any unanticipated crisis.

Imagine being outdoor, and you put your hand in your clutch for that one thing, and it’s missing! Nightmare, isn’t it? Though we agree it’s impossible to carry everything around, and essentials vary from person to person, here is a general list of 9 things you would need from your bag.

  • Mobile charger-

You are less likely to forget your phone back home, but what has a higher risk of being neglected is your charger. To keep yourself from making small talks with strangers for sharing theirs, keep yours in the handbag right way!

  • Wallet-

Something that has all your cash and credit cards should sit in a secure chained compartment in your handbag. If you plan on going abroad, keep the whole set of id-cards, documents and passport zipped together to have hassle-free travel experience.

  • Hand sanitizer and face mask-

In a time like this, you probably hold the sanitizer bottle more than your phone. No matter where you go, keep a spare mask and sanitizer to cleanse everything you come in contact with.

  • Water bottle-

Staying hydrated is a necessity, and a small bottle of water always comes handy to quench your thirst and wash away some dirt you can’t get rid of!

  • Medicine and First aid kit-

No matter how accident-prone you are, a tiny first aid kit in your purse will keep you covered. Keep a pack of pain killer anti-allergic, and digestive tablets along with a handful of Band-Aids.

  • Energy bar-

In times when you feel drained out, you can grab a bite of the energy bar to keep you sustained till you can arrange your proper meal.

  • Disposable tissue-

A bundle of tissues is always welcome when you are outside. Be it cleaning smudged lipstick or getting rid of an unwanted stain, the tissue has got it all under control.

  • Headphones-

Unofficially an introvert’s best friend. When you have time to kill, but you don’t want anyone to approach you, just plug them on and enjoy your own company!

  • Hairband-

Be it a bad hair day, or just a day you decide to get the work done yourself. Everything starts with tying your hair tight into a bun!

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