9 Vitamin C Rich Fruits and Vegetables You Should Include In Your Diet

A list of 9 common fruits and vegetables that fulfill the need for vitamin c in your body and keep  you healthy and nourished.

When it comes to our diet, we leave no stone unturned to select the healthiest edibles. Even while picking vegetables and fruits, we make sure we monitor their nutrition quotient and see what serves us the best according to our health requirements.

Vitamin c is an antioxidant that is present in many fruits and vegetables, which helps to hike up immunity naturally. It creates the visible glow in your skin, along with regenerating collagen synthesis, building bones and developing connecting tissues. The human body cannot generate vitamin c on its own, and its daily needs of 90mg have to be met by external nutrients.

Here is a list of 9 common fruits and vegetables that are powerhouses of vitamin c and will get you glowing and healthy in no time.

  1. Guava-

Even though our basic perception is that red and yellow citrus fruits store all the vitamins, guava stands out. Guava weighing 100 grams carries 200mg of vitamin c that beats an orange at vitamin constancy!

  1. Pineapple-

An underrated powerhouse of nutrition, Pineapple is famous for manganese that is very rarely found in fruits.  It also has abundant vitamin c reserves that make it an ideal supplement fruit to add in your breakfast.

  1. Strawberry-

You must have heard strawberries are excellent antioxidants, but what you did not realize is that these little berries carry vitamin c that accounts for more than an orange.

  1. Kiwi-

Kiwi is a healthy fruit you would want to include as a part of your diet. The green fruit has up to 84mg of vitamin c along with vitamin E and K that fills you up as a healthy salad.

  1. Mango-

Mangoes, when they are not fully ripe, are warehouses of vitamin c. you are going to love the tangy taste when you mix it with salt and other traditional herbs.

  1. Papaya-

You will never have to persuade kids to eat papaya. Before you tell them, it’s already in their tummy! When eaten raw, papaya contains more vitamin c than single citrus fruit.

  1. Broccoli-

Broccoli is not just a healthy veggie, but also a natural container of vitamin c that repairs all damaged tissues in the body and keeps us healthy.

  1. Kale-

Be it as a part of your salad or made into a sauce, kale contains high reservoirs of vitamin c that will improve your skin and put a natural glow on your cheeks.

  1. Bell peppers-

Yellow and red bell peppers contain a large amount of vitamin c that hikes your collagen levels and protects your lungs from cancer and other ailments. They are also helpful in upholding your eyesight and heart.

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