A dream factory that exists in the real world: Dark secrets of Disney

Disney appears to be a relatively honest organization whose primary aim is to offer happiness to every child throughout the world, but it allegedly has some dark secrets that it keeps hidden from the world.

 We all grew up watching Disney cartoons with characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy and we owe our childhood to them. However, if you learn about these purported dark secrets of Disney and its parks, you will question the company’s efforts to provide you with the “happiest place on Earth.”

Disney was to blame for the mass suicide of Lemmings

Disney was responsible for instilling in people the concept that lemmings frequently commit mass suicide when their number grows out of control. While filming White Wilderness, Disney cleverly employed edits and angles to fool the audience into thinking they were witnessing a natural lemmings migration. The film’s final shot depicts a lake filled with lemmings’ lifeless bodies, although the lemmings did not jump on their own.

Walt Disney worked for the FBI

Few people are aware that Walt Disney had a unique relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, the then-director of the FBI. Because of their friendship, Disney was one of the few studios permitted to film inside the headquarters of the FBI in Washington. In exchange, Disney offered the FBI access to all Disney parks and film scripts, which the FBI utilized to influence numerous times. According to reports, at the request of the FBI, Disney testified against a group of protesting animators before a House Committee.

There is still no explanation for abandoned parks

Uncertain reasons have led to the closure of other Disney parks, the most contentious of which was River Country, the company's first water park. Disney claims that River Country's closure was due to declining foot traffic, but the truth is quite startling. A brain-eating amoeba called "Naegleria fowleri" was found in the lake in River Country in 2001. The majority of the water for all the water slides came from this lake. Some sources contend that since this amoeba directly targets the human brain, the park's closure was caused by it.

Mysterious Debbie Stone Death

At Disneyland, California, hostess Debbie Stone, at age 18 had the duty of saying goodbye to the departing guests on the ride America Sings. However, Debbie’s body was unexplainably discovered smashed between two walls that were revolving and immobile just nine days later.

Now that you are aware of these ‘supposed’ dark secrets of Disney, you won’t be able to view your favorite Disney animated films in the same light.