Published By: Ishani Karmakar

A Few Care Tips To Help A Loved One With Hearing Loss

It's natural to want to help and make life easier for a loved one who shows indicators of hearing loss. Seeking the advice of an audiologist can help you get the care and treatment you need.

When communication is hazy, it's hard to address the topic or even just spend time with a loved one.  Here are suggestions for improved communication and support.

Take precautions

Don't bring up their hearing loss without having solid evidence. Learn as much as possible about the issue of hearing loss. If you or someone you know has hearing loss, the National Institute on Deafness is a fantastic resource.

Recommend that they get their hearing checked

The likelihood of retaliation from a loved one raises a wide range of negative feelings, including worry, shame, and sadness. The high price of hearing aids may cause them concern. They could be worried about how it would look to other people. You may help allay their fears by accompanying them to the appointment.

Change the way you communicate

Focus on what the other person is saying and make an attempt to keep the discussion relaxed and easygoing. Some methods to bear in mind are as follows: Don't avoid making eye contact. Maintain a steady rate of speech. Keep your voice and lip motions natural. If your message isn't being understood, try rephrasing it. Use their name while talking to them. Never cover your mouth while you talk. Make it clear that you are switching gears so that nobody gets confused.

Exhibit compassion and sympathy

If a loved one of yours is experiencing hearing loss, you should know that it may be a scary moment. They might be experiencing feelings of helplessness and a decline in self-esteem. Display your care and compassion for them along with empathy and understanding when you talk to them about their hearing loss. If you want to talk to them about their hearing loss without making them defensive or angry, try to strike a balance between the two. Give them some time to think about what you're saying so they can respond positively.

Help from the community and awareness

There is a good chance that accompanying a loved one to a social or family gathering can improve their mood. You can notify other guests ahead of time that you will be attending the event with someone who has a hearing impairment. Simple communication advice is always welcome between guests. Help your loved one feel more at ease in new social situations while raising awareness about hearing loss by becoming an advocate.