A Few Interesting Things to do in Indonesia

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country and it’s located between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. Indonesia is an amalgamation of 13,500 islands and these islands are blessed with picturesque natural beauty with their lush green forests and crystal clear sea beaches. If you are visiting Indonesia then here are a few interesting things to do there and make the vacation a memorable one.

Visiting the Beaches of Bali

Bali is one of the many islands of which Indonesia is consisted of. Bali is the most popular travel destination in Indonesia.

Travelling to Indonesia is not complete without going to the beaches of Bali and enjoy. The beaches of Bali give a beautiful view of its crystal clear water and there are many things to do here. If you are in the mood for some adventure then you can go for scuba diving, surfing, and plenty of sea rides. In case you just want to have a good leisure time then you can relax on the beach, soaking in the sun and enjoy some delicious cuisines.

Borobodur Temple

Borobodur temple was constructed in the 9th century during the reign of Sailndra Dynasty. It’s the largest Buddhist in the world and it is built in the shape of a traditional Buddhist mandala.

Along with the beaches and other natural beauties, Indonesia is famous for its cultural heritage also and Borobodur temple is a fine example of this. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and famous for being the most important and largest Buddhist temple in the world. Located in Java, the best time to visit here is during the early morning and witness the temple in its full glory amidst the beautiful sunrise.

Visiting the National Parks of Indonesia to See Orangutans.

Visiting Indonesia is incomplete without seeing some Orangutans, and there are national parks here where you spot these beautiful and endangered creatures. 

Orangutans are big-sized apes that can be found only in the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. Watching these gigantic creatures is a must while visiting Indonesia and you can see them in TanjungPuting National Park in Kalimantan, Borneo which is home to the most number of Orangutans in the whole world. Bohorok Orangutan Centre in Bukit Lawang is another place to spot them.

A Trip to Gilli Islands

Gilli Islands are famous for being a place where you can see turtles in large numbers while diving and snorkeling.

Gilli Islands are the perfect destinations for adventure junkies as it offers an amazing diving experience amidst the large population of turtles. These islands are mostly famous for turtle sanctuaries where you can even spot a turtle hatchery where hundreds of these creatures are born each year. The beaches here are more peaceful and tranquil than the beaches of Bali and if you are looking for a relaxed time then it’s an ideal option for you.

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