A few movies of veteran actor Alan Arkin to watch

Been in front of the camera for over seven decades, this actor is a legend

Veteran actor Alan Arkin is also a director and screenwriter who has been performing since an early age. Since the age of 10, Arkin had been taking acting lessons and later in life chanced upon the opportunity of learning acting by the Stanislavsky student Benjamin Zemach, who taught him a psychological approach to acting. Arkin has a career spanning over seven decades and is known to have given splendid performances across genres and styles of filmmaking. However, it is his performance in the late 1960s films The Russians Are Coming; the Russians Are Coming, and Wait Until Dark, among others. Owing to his extensive career, Alan Arkin is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor. Here is a list of a few Alan Arkin movies to watch.

Edward Scissorhands

This 1990 fantasy romance film by director Tim Burton stars Johnny Depp as an unfinished artificial humanoid named Edward who comes with scissor blades instead of hands. The story picks up when he is taken in by the family of Bill Boggs, played by Arkin, and he falls in love with their teenage daughter named Kim, played by Winona Ryder. This modern fairy tale comes with unique spins, and Deep, Ryder, and Arkin have put the best on-screen to make this fantasy appear real.


This 1969 comedy-drama film by director Arthur Hiller stars Alan Arkin in the tutorial role, besides Rita Moreno. The story of the film revolves around a Puerto Rican widower, Abraham Rodriguez – played by Arkin – known as Popi to his sons Luis and Junior. Rodriguez, who is working three jobs to support his family, leaves him with no time for his sons and continues to struggle to raise his sons in the New York City neighbourhood of Spanish Harlem. Alan Arkin’s extraordinary portrayal of a helplessly lost father with young boys to rise got him a Golden Globe nomination as Best Actor.

Grosse Pointe Blank

This 1997 black–comedy–crime drama stars actors John Cusack, Minnie Driver, and Dan Aykroyd, besides Alan Arkin. An underrated narration, this film follows Martin Q. Blank, portrayed John Cusack, who as a hitman on a mission to his hometown, right in time for his former high school reunion. The film has its fair share of hilarious bouts to through you off the chair, and Arkin as Dr Otman has enough comedy to display on the screen. Arkin plays Martin’s psychiatrist, who has the impossible job of convincing him to leave the killer business.

A few other Alan Arkin movies are The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Catch-22, The In-Laws, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, Glengarry Glen Ross, Little Miss Sunshine, and Argo.

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