A Good Leader Must Be A Great Follower

The secret to being a good leader- how to improve your skills and habits into being one.

The age-old adage of Aristotle, “He who cannot be a good follower, cannot be a good leader”, goes a long way when it comes to learning from experienced leaders. In the modern world, leaders are those who climb the ladders of hierarchy and guide others to follow their footsteps. Being empathetic and lending an ear to your subordinate is what a good leader is entrusted with. Being the driving wheel of a crowd takes more than sheer hard work. Your wits, coordination, and leadership skills take you to the top and help you stay there with your peers’ support. Wish to be a promising leader? Here are five quality habits that make a good leader out of an ordinary boss.

  1. Removal Of Ego-

Ego being a termite in the body of a healthy social workshop is something that eats away the glory of any position you are proud to hold. Researches prove that every team player is accountable for the organization’s success. A leader’s crucial work is to let go of restrictions between free communications of employees and themselves. Working side-by-side of employees helps fulfil the work faster while experiencing first-hand your crew’s strength and weakness.

  1. Quality Judgement-

In the modern-day workplace, every employee has their own set of goals to follow. The intrinsic values and decisions they take vary according to their upbringing. To make a judgement call, the various solutions come from advanced portals and social media. To play a better role as a leader, you must look deep in the decision and see what your team actually needs. The ability to recalibrate leadership style with age is what makes you stand out as a leader.

  1. Loyalty And Commitment-

Without commitment, any cause goal or value turns baseless. The ability to commit to your team and stay loyal to it through the pressure of work and stress is what shapes you as a useful guide for your team.

  1. Communication-

Communication is the key to every relationship. Be it a professional or a personal one. Without the leader being vocal to his employees, it is impossible to conduct a task to the best of its capacity. Coupled with diplomacy and leadership guidance, a leader can extract the best out of its team and execute outstanding results.

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