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A Guide for Road Trip to Ladakh

A road trip to Ladakh along with a trip to Goa with friends is a dream of every traveller or wannabe traveller in India. Well, if you are really interested in a road trip to Ladakh then there are some tips and guidelines that will help you a lot during the journey. We have tried to mention the important ones in this list.

Prepare to drive on Off roads

Whether you are riding a bike or driving a car, be prepared for an off-road journey during a road trip to Ladakh.

If you are planning a road trip to Ladakh, it’s very important to know that the journey is going to be very far from a smooth drive. The main reason behind it is the roads are not as easy as compared to driving on a national highway. You need to pass through winding roads and unpaved alleyways overlooking steep cliffs. You should be extra careful while driving/riding at night as these roads are dangerous also where many times you need to pass through narrow roads with mountains on one side and ditches on the other.

Medical Care

You must be aware of the fact that oxygen level decreases when you are going above sea level. The more you go, the more oxygen level goes down so it’s important to take proper health care and have a proper medical kit during the journey. 

Since this area is one of the remotest areas of India, it’s hard to find medical services instantly. Keep your medical kit ready before embarking on the journey to Ladakh. The medical kit shall contain first aid items along with medicines for altitude sickness, headache, allergy, stomach-related issues, etc. If you have breathing issues, keep an inhaler for emergency and be cautious at high altitudes because oxygen is scarce in some parts of Ladakh.

Less Dependency on Mobile Connectivity 

Mobile connectivity is quite weak in Ladakh. Only postpaid Airtel and BSNL connections are good in this part of our country.

You should be less dependent on mobile connectivity while travelling to Ladakh as once you cross Himachal Pradesh, you will get proper mobile connectivity in only a few towns. Don’t get dependent on Google maps and have a map ready for the journey and if you get confused ask people for directions.

Carry Enough Cash

It’s very important to carry cash as ATMs are rare and most of the shops, hotels, and restaurants do not accept cards or UPI payments.

Don’t forget to carry enough cash during the journey to Ladakh because in this area getting an ATM is not easy and unlike in other parts of our country cards and UPI payments are not accepted in most of the shops, hotels, etc. The extra cash will always be helpful in case of an emergency.

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