A Guide To Add Volume To Your Hair

Why should adding volume to your hair be such a difficult thing to do? Here are some smart and quick tips to get you that desired hair volume

Coaxing your hair to have a generous volume - whether you have luxurious hair or not, even while using products, seems like a chore. Here are some quick and smart tips to get you that desired hair volume.

The Right Scalp

Hair volume depends on hair health which in turn depends on a clean scalp. Not only use a scalp friendly product on hair, use a scalp scrub about every week or so, to remove excess product build up and dead skins.

Double Wash

Just shampoo your hair twice! You need to be careful though. Double washing can make hair very dry in some cases. So regulate the shampoo amount in the second wash, intuitively. But it does add volume on its own.

Brushing Right

Brushes come in different varieties for a reason. Apart from the detangling brush to detangle your hair, wide-toothed brush to be used on wet hair, the normal ones come in various choices. Incompatible brushes makes hair limp and lifeless and makes it so much difficult to achieve the desired volume. Try a few before you settle.

Hair Comes The Tease

Don't get aggressive with this, the oldest natural trick in hair-volumizing book. Gently backcomb in suitable sections and equally smoothly brush it back down. Repeat a few times if required. It also helps in disciplining your hair.

Boost your Roots

Air-drying is the best and the simplest way to go, if you have the time and it works for you.  If using a hair dryer, don't go top down - it only ends up making your strands flat. Instead, flip your hair to the front, spray a volumizer and blow dry. Hope you are holding the blow-dryer, angularly, an inch away from the hair to lessen the  heat damage. This upside down blow drying technique will add a natural lift to your hair roots giving it the volume that can last daylong.

Shift Your Part, Occasionally

Try to switch the partition line even if slightly by a few millimetres or so. Habitual partition flattens out the surrounding strands along the line whereas a shift or a switch can invigorate the hair to create volume and lift.

Finish With Hairspray

You feel good to go? Administer a mist of hair spray to lock in the volume. Need extra hold & volume : again do the upside down flip and go from the roots to the tips.

Pillow Cover Matters

Improper pillow cover can make your hair frizzy,  greasy and susceptible to breakage!

Cotton pillow covers are a no-no. Use a silk or even a satin cover that doesn't sip the hair moisture.