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A Guide To Getting The Best Crib For Your Baby

A crib that will be comfortable, safe and a home for your baby!

Finding what’s best for your baby is always a special task. You want to make no compromises and you only want the best of the best for them. Your newborn baby is the newest addition to your family and you go to lengths trying to everything comfortable, safe and happy for them. All of it starts with finding the best crib for your baby because that’s where your baby will spend the most of their time at least for the next two years. You would want something that both your baby and you would love. Here are a few tips on getting that perfect crib to welcome your baby home.

Start With The Crib Bars

The crib slats or the bars should be of the idle width and distance apart from each other. Ideally, the crib that you should choose should have the crib bars at a distance of 2 to 3 inches apart. Any less that and your baby might jam their limbs in between that. You know how pesky these little things can get as they try to explore every little thing around them. It is not unnatural for them to try to put their hands and legs in between the crib spaces. A less space would restrict the smooth movement for your baby in that area. If the crib bars are too far apart then you might risk your baby to fall through the gap. To know if the crib bars are safely apart from each other try fitting in a can of soda through it. If it glides through the gap, it’s the right fit.

A Snug Mattress For A Snug Sleep

When you are selecting the mattress for the baby’s crib make sure that they are a snug fit into the crib. The mattress should be firm and dense and should sag under the weight of the baby. There should be no space left on the corners or edges after the mattress has been placed. Try getting an adjustable mattress for the best comfort of your baby.

The Wheels On The Crib Goes Sturdy

The wheels of the crib should be sturdy and should not wobble. Make sure that the wheels have a locking feature especially if the flooring is made of tiles or wood. This will prevent the crib from sliding.

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