A guide to travelling cheap in Thailand

If you’re on a budget and still want to enjoy, here’s how you can do that…

A trip to Thailand will surely be one of the most exotic trips of your lifetime; you can be rest assured of that. But planning a good trip will not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. But that won’t be the case with Thailand. The country is a place full of cheap travel, budget-friendly hotels and tasty street food which makes it affordable and thus one of the most visited places by tourists. If you have already planned for a trip to Thailand, let us give you some tricks to make it cheaper!

Find the cheapest accommodation – If you are open to spending a lot and staying in luxurious hotels then you can choose that comfort. But for people who want to stay in budget and just want a place to sleep in finding a local home stay would be ideal. Thailand even has couch surfing, which simply means you can rent someone’s couch in their house and have an affordable and safe stay!

Travel cheap and smart when in Thailand – It is advised that if you want to save money, it’s best to avoid any travel agency. Once in Thailand, to go from city to city you can use trains, buses or even hitchhike your way! If you want good comfort and also cheap travel, travelling in a train would be the best option as even the 3rd class trains in Thailand are clean and safe to ride!

Eat on the street – When in Thailand the one thing that is a must try is their street food. It’s delicious, it’s cheap and it is always fresh! The street food is all local cuisine and you will find dishes like noodles, rice, all types of curries and much more! So fill your tummy and don’t worry about spending too much money!

Weekend market shopping – Surely if you are in Thailand, then you would want to buy souvenirs and local products that are only available there. You can bargain at these weekend markets and find the cheapest but good quality products.

Rent a bike – Travelling inside Thailand in a rented car is not only expensive but also not advisable. It’s cheap to just rent a bike and roam around. In fact you can even book rooms and see if they have free bikes that they can give you for travelling.

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