Published By: Satavisha

A List Of Must-Have Items For A Nursery: Provide Comfort To Your Infant With These Ten Essential Items

The stork is on its way to your home, and you are likely spending every hour planning and decorating your newborn’s nursery.

Preparing for your little one’s arrival can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking. With a long list of to-do activities, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to prioritise. Initiating the nursery decoration and buying essential baby care items can be a great place to begin.

This room for your infant will soon become an extraordinary space where you will tend to and bond with your little one, so do not rush the process and make room for items that are both beautiful and functional. With your due date nearing, this comprehensive list of must-have nursery items can guide you to make the right choices to ensure comfort for your newborn.

A Cot or Crib

The most vital element of any nursery is the infant’s bed, with latticed or barred sides to ensure safety—a cot or crib—where your baby will be spending most of their time. While most average cribs can be used by infants for nearly 24 months—you may also opt for a convertible crib that can be used up to five years of age. Convertible cribs are bigger than regular cribs—and they use a simple mechanism to get converted into day beds.

A Changing Table

It is difficult to change diapers in a crib—and it can also get messy. You will need a changing table—a special raised platform—specifically designed to make diaper changing less challenging.

Changing tables are generally waterproof and padded, with removable sheets that are easy to wash. Some even come with pull-out drawers to store clothes, nappies, meds and other small essential items.

A Diaper Genie or Trash Can

We are aware that babies need frequent diaper changes. Therefore, it is mandatory to place a  diaper genie (receptacle bins fitted with fragrant garbage bags) or a closed trash can near the changing table to dispose of soiled diapers. To ensure hygiene, get a pedestal-style bin—with a lid that opens when you tap it with your foot.


Pacifiers help soothe and calm babies, so you should consider adding them to your little one’s nursery checklist. It is an essential item that you will want to keep handy 24/7, so buy a few in advance. That way—if you lose one—you will have more in stock.

Light-blocking Blinds and Curtains

Blinds or curtains are necessary for your infant’s space—to block out bright light—helping your child get better sleep during the daytime. Opt for natural materials because they are not made of synthetic polymers—making them less toxic—and diminish the hazards of allergies. In addition, when choosing curtains, avoid the ones with chains, bead cords or pull cords—as they may cause choking hazards.


To help your infant associate nighttime or nap time with dimmer lighting and to set the mood for the same, install a dim nightlight in the nursery. This light will be helpful when you have to wake up in the middle of the night and rush to the nursery for late-night feedings!

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can serve as your eyes and ears when you are away from the nursery while your little one rests. It will also enable you to keep a visual check on them, at all times. This gadget is a must-have to monitor your infant’s every move.

Age-Appropriate Toys

The first thing you need is a play mat. Visually appealing toys hang from the play mat, stimulating your baby to reach out for it. You may also buy age-appropriate toys like washable stuffed plushies, toys with lead-free paint, or development and activity toys.

Amid the plethora of heightened emotions, you will probably end up overspending on numerous things that you and your little one will not need. So, take a deep breath, sit down and prepare a list of essential and practical items that you actually need to tend to your little one in the first few months.