A New Price-tag for Chetak

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter has received a substantial price hike of over INR 25,000

The electric vehicles industry in India is pricey, as most of the electric vehicles are sold at exorbitant prices. Recently, two electric scooters such as the Chetak Premium and Chetak Urbane from Bajaj witnessed a significant price hike. A few months ago, the Chetak Urbane received a price hike of INR 15,000 whereas the Chetak Premium’s price moved up by INR 5,000.

This time around, both the scooters have received a significant price hike because of which, many potential purchasers may not acquire the scooters anymore. The present cost of the Urbane model is INR 1,42,620 after obtaining a jump of INR 27, 620. On the other hand, the Premium model has received a hike of INR 24,620 and presently being sold at INR 1,44,620.

Recently, the two scooters were introduced in the city of Pune and Hyderabad. Bajaj has asked the consumers to register the purchase of the scooters on their official website. However, the production of the scooters is limited and therefore, the registration portal may not be accessible at all times. Bajaj has announced that the purchase of the scooters is strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis. To take a test ride of the scooters, one needs to visit the KTM showrooms as the scooters are placed on display in those showrooms. The Chetak was introduced by Bajaj in the country last year at an introductory price of INR 1 lakh for the Urbane model and INR 1.15 lakh for the Premium model.

Talking about the two models, a 4kW electric motor that draws energy from a 3kW lithium-ion battery pack powers the Chetak. The scooters are tuned to produce a maximum torque figure of 16Nm, which is highly impressive with a travel range of 95 kilometres on a single charged session. The scooters take around five hours to get fully charged and are equipped with fast charging technology. As per Bajaj, riders can cover 25 kilometres of distance after charging the scooters for one hour only.

In terms of looks and features, the Chetak has managed to offer its retro look with modern touches such as a round-shaped LED headlight, LED turn indicators and LED taillight along with digital instrument clusterand feather-touch switchgear. You may wonder what are the differences are between the Premium and Urbane models, so let us inform you that the Premium model gets metallic body colours, front disc brake, tan seat and coloured rims which obviously the Urbane model do not offer.

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